2021 High-quality Sunshine Rose, Cressen Management Training Seminar

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  Conference Introduction: On March 28th, the 2021 High-Quality Sunshine Rose and Creson Management Training Conference was held in Xichang City, Sichuan, China. This training conference was held by 191 Agricultural Resources Personnel, Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. and Biozzi It is jointly sponsored by Mu (Qingdao) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., undertaken by Xichang Maofengyuan Grape Cooperative, Liangshan Jiayi Agricultural Materials Sales Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Guangzhou Haoji Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. The teachers who attended this training meeting were: Huang Shiqian, Deputy Director of Jiangxi Plant Growth Regulator Engineering Research Center and Marketing Manager of Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.; Director and Researcher of Fruit Tree Cultivation Physiology Research Center, Institute of Fruit Trees, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Wang Haibo, head of the grape research team; Wan Yunzhong, lecturer of the National New Professional Farmer Training Teacher Database and special technical consultant of the 191 Grape Service Center; Huang Bin, a practical expert who focuses on the whole process of grape planting; Biozim (Qingdao) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Hua Xiang, product manager of the company; Liu Xiao, director of the Chengdu Comprehensive Test Station of the National Grape Industry Technology System of the Horticultural Research Institute of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences. In view of the current situation of grape planting in Xichang, this conference comprehensively taught Sunshine Rose and the related planting techniques of Cressen through four aspects: the use of regulators, fertilizer nutrition, field management, and common pests and diseases. A total of more than 300 large planters and representatives of the industry came to participate in the study, and the seats were full. The on-site learning atmosphere was very strong, and the interactive atmosphere of the question-and-answer session after the meeting was warm.



Baohua Baoguo set sail


  Figure 1: Huang Shiqian, Deputy Director of Jiangxi Plant Growth Regulator Engineering Research Center and Marketing Manager of Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Figure 2: For China's huge grape market, Jiangxi Xinruifeng Company has specially designed a complete set of application solutions



  Lahua package: gibberellic acid benzylamine and gibberellic acid, can promote grape cells, stem elongation, leaf expansion, parthenocarpy, fruit growth, break seed dormancy, change the ratio of male and female flowers, affect flowering time, reduce flowers and fruits shedding.
Fruit preservation and fruit expansion treatment package: benzylamine, gibberellic acid, chlorfenuron and gibberellic acid, improve the hormone level of young fruit, prevent the formation of abscission and mobilize nutrients into young fruit, inhibit or delay the growth of new shoots, reduce nutrients Consumption, balance hormone levels, promote fruit set, improve fruit quality.
Coloring treatment product: S-inducing antibiotic, which has the characteristics of high safety, uniform coloring, complete coloring, no soft fruit, no grain drop, and long shelf life.
"Baohua Baoguo" series of products, respectively control the plant regulators from the four growth stages of grape pulling, fruit preservation, expansion, and coloring, so as to improve and reduce the labor cost of fruit thinning, reduce the density of fruit ears, enhance light, and reduce pests and diseases; Increase the fruit setting rate of special varieties, regulate and balance vegetative growth and reproductive growth, and reduce the abnormal fall of young fruits caused by climate change; Reduce sugar and acidity, improve quality and increase flavor. For the "Baohua Baoguo" series of products, the on-site growers responded enthusiastically and were very interested, and they took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Queen Nina is extraordinary



  Mr. Xu Weidong, President of Jiangsu Grape Association: "Queen Nina's High-Efficiency Cultivation Techniques and Solutions" brought to us:
Mr. Xu analyzed the development prospects of Queen Nina from five aspects: the birth of sky-high grapes, the source of Queen Nina varieties, domestic high-efficiency cases, cultivation points, and how to sell good profits The family gave a boost, and the concept of development and development was transmitted to every friend of the grower who was full of expectations for Nina.

Scientific fertilization and balanced nutrition



  Wang Haibo, Director, Researcher, and Head of the Grape Research Group, Fruit Tree Cultivation Physiology Research Center, Institute of Fruit Trees, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences:
1. The distribution and demand of various nutrients are different in different periods and different parts. Science should be respected, and fertilizers with different elements and nutrients should be applied in different growth periods.
2. Transform the whole park management into root zone management to improve fertilizer utilization and accuracy.
3 According to different growth periods, determine the optimal starting threshold for irrigation and the appropriate amount of irrigation.
4. Increase the application of organic fertilizers and microbial inoculants, improve soil structure, and improve grape quality.

Roots and branches of flowers and fruits are indispensable



  Wan Yunzhong, lecturer of the National New Professional Farmer Training Teacher Database and special technical consultant of 191 Grape Service Center:
The positioning of the production model is relatively vague, and the light and heat resources are not fully utilized in winter and spring; the one-time investment in the construction of the garden is insufficient, and there is a lack of sufficient understanding of soil improvement. Severe decline. Mr. Wan explained the above questions in detail. In recent years, the Sunshine Rose market has developed a great momentum. The management of seedlings is an important part in determining whether high-quality and high yields can be achieved in the future. Mr. Wan also summed up a set of practical management skills for the management of Sunshine Rose seedlings, from planting, frame selection, tree vigor Cultivation, fertilization, plant protection, first-year winter pruning, etc. are introduced in detail.

Xichang grapes have a long way to go




Liu Xiao, Director of Chengdu Comprehensive Experiment Station of National Grape Industry Technology System, Institute of Horticulture, Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences:
A summary of the problems existing in the current situation of Xichang grapes:
1 The output is too high, there are no first-class products and brands, and the competitiveness at home and abroad is insufficient
2 There are some institutional problems that make it difficult to produce first-class grapes
3. The germination in spring is uneven, management is difficult, labor-intensive, and the quality is uneven
4 Failure to scientifically apply regulators, resulting in falling flowers and fruit
5 The problem of suitable rootstock has not been solved
6 The problem of soil improvement is not paid enough attention, the soil layer is shallow
7 Abuse of chemical fertilizers, less use of organic fertilizers and bacterial fertilizers
Afterwards, he brought you some suggestions made by the government on the development of the grape industry, and made a plan for the development of the characteristic grape industry in Xichang.

Expert Forum You Ask Me Answers



  In the last session, experts answered on-site questions from farmers and friends from all over the country. Each expert can accurately hit the key points for the problem, and explain the solution of the problem clearly and clearly, which won rounds of applause from the audience.



  After the meeting, Huang Shiqian, Marketing Manager of Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd., accepted an exclusive interview with 191 reporters and took a group photo with customers.