Fighting the "epidemic" together, resonating with the "frequency"--Xin Ruifeng Company

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Since the outbreak of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, the people of the whole country have been fighting day and night, united as one, united as one, and go all out to prevent and control the epidemic. Our company actively prepares for the prevention and control of the new crown virus pneumonia epidemic, and quickly implements various tasks to ensure that the prevention and control work is fully carried out.
1. Consolidate responsibility, take multiple measures, and do detailed prevention and control work
1. Strengthen leadership and take full control. The company has established an epidemic prevention and control working group headed by the chairman and general manager, effectively strengthened organizational leadership, clarified the division of responsibilities, and established a unified scheduling and prevention and control mechanism. Sort out sensitive matters such as the physical condition of employees of subordinate departments, whether they have contact history and their location, and implement a daily inspection and daily reporting system to fully grasp the company's employee information.
2. Strengthen management and strictly investigate. The company's leadership team actively deployed and implemented it. The Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection formulated and fully launched a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control plan. According to the deployment arrangement, each team actively cooperated with various epidemic prevention and control measures to make full preparations for safe production work.
3. Go all out to strengthen security. When the epidemic hit, protective equipment was urgently needed. The company's administrative and personnel department and the procurement department coordinated from top to bottom and raised 8,000 masks in a short period of time. Escort the health of every employee.
Second, be prepared, deploy in advance, and make every effort to ensure safe production
In order to ensure the normal development of the company's production safety work, the administrative and personnel department has formulated detailed work arrangements. Organize the cleaning and sterilization of the factory area and public areas, and coordinate the entry and exit registration of company personnel, daily temperature measurement, disinfection and sterilization, etc.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic, our company has always regarded prevention and control as the top priority, united as one, started with details, eliminated hidden dangers, and went all out to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control.