【Planting Technology】Key points of grape germination promotion management

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  Spring grapes are prone to irregular germination and degeneration of flowers and ears under early cultivation, which is not conducive to farmers' agricultural operations such as fruit preservation and fruit expansion in the later period. In view of the uneven germination of grapes in spring, the main reasons and management measures are summarized as follows:1

The main reasons for uneven budding of grapes
1. Low ground temperature in spring, abnormal climate (cold late spring, continuous high temperature) and occurrence of freezing damage in winter lead to poor root activity of grapes and low utilization rate of water and fertilizer.
2. Insufficient nutrients in the tree body. Late application or no application of fruit picking fertilizer after fruit picking last year will lead to insufficient nutrient supply for the tree body.
3. Improper watering in spring.
4. Serious soil salinization and acidification, soil compaction and poor air permeability.
Measures to promote neat germination of grapes
1. Soil moisturizing and warming: In the case of low ground temperature in spring, the germination water should be irrigated at one time, avoid frequent watering with small water, keep the soil humidity at 60-70%, and adopt the method of ditching, ridges and mulching to keep moisturizing and warming. , Regularly raking the soil to loosen the soil to improve soil permeability.
2. Strengthen the management of water and fertilizer: After the grapes are picked, apply fruit-picking fertilizer in time to supplement the nutrition of the tree body, restore the tree vigor, and promote the differentiation of grape flower buds. For orchards with insufficient tree nutrient reserves, germination fertilizer is applied when the spring buds germinate.
3. Promote root growth: In spring, when applying germination fertilizer, cooperate with "Miaogenwang + Ruifeng Guomei" to promote new roots, increase root vitality, improve soil, and improve root growth environment.



1. Break dormant buds: In the southern region, 2 to 3 weeks before germination, spray the branches first, and then apply cyanamide or lime nitrogen evenly on the winter buds after half-drying to break the dormant buds of grapes and promote buds. germination.
2. Spray the whole plant with planting agents to promote germination: about 10 days before germination (bud scales expand) to the initial stage of budding and leaf spreading, use Xinruifeng “Sprouting Enemy+ Ziqi + Baohua Baoguo" focuses on spraying the fruiting mother branches, 1-2 times in a row, with an interval of 7-10 days, to promote the budding of grapes and the growth of plants and inflorescences.


Jiangxi Xinruifeng grape sprouting effect display  


The root-promoting effect of Xinruifeng Aiming Genwang on grapes


 The effect of promoting germination in summer black


1. The medicine is prepared and used now, and should not be mixed with lime sulfur and alkaline pesticides.
2. There are differences in varieties and climates in different regions. It is recommended to conduct small-scale experiments first, and then popularize them.