"Internet + agricultural machinery" stimulates the vitality of agricultural mechanization

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"We took the lead in introducing and promoting deep loosening intelligent monitoring technology in the province, and achieved a historic breakthrough in 'Internet + agricultural machinery'." On April 11, Liu Qin, director of Nanyang Agricultural Machinery Bureau, told reporters that the city's Wancheng and Tanghe A total of 248 sets of intelligent monitoring equipment were installed in 6 counties and districts such as , Sheqi, etc. The subsidy area for subsidy of 244,000 mu was completed throughout the year, and the subsidy fund was 6.685 million yuan. Completely subverted the model of "one steel drill and one tape measure to go all over the field", sitting in the office, a computer or a mobile phone can be seen at a glance, effectively solving the problem of deep loosening subsidy supervision, and realizing the realization of "Internet + agricultural machinery" historic breakthrough.

Nanyang is known as the "Zhongzhou Granary", and the grain production has successfully achieved "Thirteen consecutive increases", all of which are inseparable from the solid guarantee of the development of agricultural mechanization. In recent years, the city has vigorously promoted the integrated application of key technologies in agricultural mechanization, actively promoted the organic integration of agricultural mechanization and informatization, and helped to achieve bumper harvests year after year.

Through the integrated application of key technologies of agricultural mechanization, especially the mechanization of key and weak links, the city has promoted the widespread promotion of agricultural machinery technology. Supported by the "conservation tillage" demonstration project, vigorously promote the integrated application of conservation tillage technology. The city has newly added 780 straw crushing and returning machines and 1,200 no-tillage seeders. In summer and autumn, the area of ​​straw returning to the field reached 11.4 million mu, and the protective tillage area reached 980,000 mu. Driven by the cumulative subsidy policy, the city added 57 drying machines and 143 straw picking and baling machines. We will vigorously promote the implementation of agricultural machinery deep loosening and soil preparation, and start from the aspects of refining and decomposing tasks, increasing machinery and equipment, implementing operation subsidies, strengthening operation quality supervision and carrying out work supervision, and overfulfilling the task of deep loosening soil preparation.

The city's Agricultural Machinery Bureau has also established WeChat groups such as "Nanyang Agricultural Machinery Group" and "Nanyang Agricultural Machinery Management Group" through the WeChat platform, relying on the mobile Internet to quickly deliver agricultural machinery benefits policies, agricultural opportunity exhibitions, new machinery and technology, agricultural machinery cross-regional operations, agricultural products All-round information such as the market has realized the direct access of policy and technical information from the municipal agricultural machinery department to the grass-roots counties, agricultural machinery cooperatives, and agricultural machinery households.

This year, the city will also actively explore new service models such as "Internet + Agricultural Machinery Service", "Internet + Agricultural Machinery Supervision", and "Internet + Agricultural Machinery Promotion" to maximize the convenience of farmers and activate various types of agricultural machinery through model innovation and cross-border integration. Develop the main power source, and lay a scientific and technological foundation for ensuring a bumper grain harvest.