[Twenty-four solar terms] Qingming is called Qingming

Every year around April 5 of the Gregorian calendar, when Douzhi B (or the sun's yellow longitude reaches 15°), it is the Qingming solar term.



[Planting technology] Mingqian tea promotes early yield increase, Jiangxi Xinruifeng is the first choice!

Mingqian tea refers to the tea picked before the Qingming Festival. Because of its mellow taste and beautiful shape, the temperature before the Qingming Festival is low and the growth rate of tea buds is slow



【Planting Technology】Key points of grape germination promotion management

Spring grapes are prone to irregular germination and degeneration of flowers and ears under early cultivation, which is not conducive to farmers' agricultural



The low temperature strikes, beware of the cold spring

Affected by the cold air from the south recently, the "cold spring cold" has struck strongly. It is expected that starting from the 16th



【Growing Technique】The Secret of Victoria Grape

Victoria grape is a Eurasian species, originating from Romania. It is a mid-early ripening grape variety bred from the cross of Crimson and Bolgar. The grape of this variety has good disease resistance, the fruit is resistant to storage and transportation, and the fruiting period is long. The average ear weight is about 630g, the average fruit weight is about 9.5g, and the fruit is oblong.



Welcome Jingzhe, Diligent Farming

Jing Zhe, also known as "Qi Zhe", is the third solar term in the twenty-four solar terms. Douzhiding, the sun reaches the ecliptic longitude 345°, and meets on March 5-6 of the Gregorian calendar. Insect starter reflects the phenomenon that natural organisms germinate and grow under the influence of rhythm changes. When the spring thunder rang, the farmer was busy. The climate gradually warms up and everything recovers after the sting, which is a key node for deciduous fruit trees such as cherries, apples, peaches and plums to sprout and bloom, and field crops such as peanuts and rice to prepare and ridge; it is also a key solar term for farmers to turn from idle to busy. So what kind of agricultural management do farmers need to do after the Spring Festival comes?



【Planting Technology】Precautions for Spring Sowing of Peanuts

Spring returns to the earth, all things recover, and with the arrival of the Year of the Tiger, there are bursts of spring. There is a saying that "spring struggles for the sun, summer struggles, and the agricultural season should not be too late". The peanut planting time in the south is generally from late February to early March. At this time, the temperature continues to rise, and peanuts are planted at the right time. However, there are still many preparations to be done before sowing. Farmers and friends should pay attention to the following points before sowing:



【Planting technology】Main points of spring management of Zanthoxylum bungeanum

As an important spice, oil, medicine and food homologous crops in my country, Sichuan pepper has important economic value. The prickly ash experienced the low temperature in winter, and the tree entered a state of dormancy; in the beginning of spring every year, flower buds began to germinate. The quality of spring management is the key to determining the high yield of Chinese prickly ash, and it is very important to do a good job in spring management. The spring management of pepper should pay attention to the following points:



Post-harvest management of strawberries

Strawberries, one of the most beloved fruits, are widely cultivated all over the country for their well-known flavor and nutritional value.



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