The spring of planting and dispensing has come

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In July 2018, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs responded to the "Recommendations on improving the quality of agricultural products and prohibiting the use of hormones" put forward by six representatives of the National People's Congress including Li Cuitian: There has never been any food caused by residues in the world. Safety incident. Thusplant growth regulatorName. Plant growth regulator is a kind of classification of pesticides, which is synthesized artificially or extracted from microorganisms and has the same or similar functions as plant endogenous hormones. It controls plant growth by chemical means and plays the same role as endogenous hormones in regulation, control, command and induction of crop growth and development. It is one of the major advances in modern plant physiology and agricultural science, it has become an important symbol of the development level of agricultural science and technology. All physiological activities such as seed germination, rooting, growth, flowering, fruiting, senescence, abscission, dormancy, etc. are inseparable from the regulation of plant growth substances. These substances are very small in plants, but they play a very important physiological role. All life activities of plants are inseparable from their participation. Five major plant endogenous hormones: gibberellins, auxins, cytokinins, abscission acids, ethylene. In recent years, brassinolides have been listed as the sixth category and have been accepted by the market. Production and use of the top ten plant dispensing: ethephon,gibberellic acidPaclobutrazol, clopidiuron, thiazuron, mepiquat, brassinone, chlormequat, indoleacetic acid, flutamine



  inducibleResearch and application is undoubtedly a hot topic in Z. After brassinolide, another plant dispensing product has been pushed to the forefront. The "Ruifeng Lvba" launched by Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. can not only improve the drought resistance, cold resistance, salt-alkali resistance and disease resistance of plants, but also significantly improve the yield and quality of crops. It is a high activity and function. A powerful plant growth regulator.
  More and more companies are competing.
Domestic pesticide enterprises have registered plant dispensing products, especially large domestic preparation sales enterprises into the field of plant dispensing. However, with the rapid growth of products, whether technical services can keep up with the use and dosage of planting adjustment can play a role in a specific growth period, which is completely different from the habit of increasing the dosage of insecticides at will, especially not as foliar fertilizer. The healthy development of plant adjustment requires the effective guidance of the government, the standardization of the industry, and the guidance and service of technical personnel. As long as it is a fully licensed product, with the correct use method, effectively regulate the growth of crops, and truly increase the yield of agricultural products while improving quality.


  Data from Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs 2019


Main registered enterprises

  The rapid development of mixed formulations for plant dispensing
At present, this kind of compound agent has a large application market, such as: gibberellic acid brassinolide, gibberellic acid auxin cytokinin, ethephon brassinolide and other compound preparations, so that various effects of plant growth regulators form complementary advantages.
  Products are increasingly standardized
Plant adjustment as a hidden component to add gradually converge, because the cost of illegal is getting higher and higher. Some irregular and marginal enterprises and products in the market will eventually be eliminated. The State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration and the National Standardization Management Committee have approved and issued a number of national standards for plant protection agricultural materials. Among them, the release of GB/T37500-2019 "Determination of Plant Growth Regulators in Fertilizers by High Performance Liquid Chromatography" allows monitoring in fertilizers. The illegal act of adding plant growth regulators has technical support. According to the "Pesticide Management Regulations", as long as pesticides are added to fertilizers, the product is a pesticide and should be registered, produced, operated, used and supervised in accordance with pesticides. If a pesticide registration certificate is not applied for, it is a pesticide produced without obtaining a pesticide registration certificate in accordance with the law, or the type of active ingredients contained in the pesticide is inconsistent with the active ingredients marked on the label or instruction of the pesticide, and it is determined to be a fake pesticide. The blue sea of planting and adjusting is attracting contemporary farmers to explore. His spring may really come.