Company R & D staff sterile indoor operation

  "Dajiangge stops and turns east, and the dense group of science and technology helps the poor. It is difficult to repay the sea as a hero when you face the wall for ten years." This is an era that is changing with each passing day. ; This is also an era of fierce competition. There are many talented people, and if you are not careful, you will miss a good game and lose the whole game. The picture shows a researcher from the R&D department of Xinruifeng Company. She operates in a sterile room, and her eyes show focus and confidence.

Roll up your sleeves, work hard, and work together to overcome the difficulties
Equipment maintenance in the small tank area of the company's fermentation workshop

  "Unity, one heart and one mind, any strong enemy, any difficult environment, will surrender to us." When encountering maintenance equipment, Xinruifeng executives and front-line employees moved the shelves and protective fences of the maintenance equipment together.


Climb your career
Equipment operation of the company's circulating water

power workshop

 The scorching sun is like fire, and the high temperature and heat are in front of you. Although there is no sunlight, the confined air and the heat emitted by the unit make the power workshop more like a sauna. Front-line employees are checking and transcribing data from the unit's equipment. The sweat flowing to the neckline is clearly visible in the picture.​

Teachers, so preaching, teaching, and dispelling doubts are also

New and old employees in the power workshop work together

  In the workshop where the machines roared, the smiling faces of the elders and the focused expressions of the younger ones. This scene is like a spring breeze blowing my face, which is soothing. In fact, it is very common in enterprises. The elders teach patiently, and the scholars listen carefully. When the scholars raise doubts, the elders will not get angry, but answer the doubts with a smile. This is a replacement of personnel, a transfer of knowledge, and a transfer of corporate culture.