The marketing department "National Day I am on duty" reported

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There is a passion, the motherland I am proud of you; there is a confession, I am on duty on National Day; most people are enjoying the leisure and happiness of the holiday, but they celebrate in another way. They are Luo Guogen and Xiong Yaoqiang, the two product couriers in the marketing department of Xinruifeng Company. Although they are in ordinary positions, they have been sticking to their extraordinary positions. They always stand up at every critical moment, sacrifice themselves and are willing to give.

During the National Day, due to the non-stop sales market, especially the export sales of the Ministry of Foreign Trade, the foreign market is different from the domestic market, and the goods are still delivered normally during the holidays. This requires the shipper to stick to his post during the holidays, not to take vacations as usual, and to keep the products shipped smoothly. For many years, these two comrades have not been able to work overtime at any time.Complaint, like the old cattle hard work, silently pay. I am on duty on National Day and the service is not closed. This is their firm promise!

During the National Day, product shipper Luo Guogen is arranging product loading and delivery.

During the National Day, product shipper Xiong Yaoqiang is loading and delivering the products.