New Ruifeng Intelligent Security Management and Control Platform Put into Trial Operation

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At 11: 00 a.m. on October 14, the trial operation meeting of Xinruifeng intelligent security management and control platform was held, marking a solid step forward in the digital construction of the company's intelligent security management and dual prevention mechanism.

The digital construction of the dual prevention mechanism is one of the important contents of the centralized management of hazardous chemicals and the three-year special management action, and is an effective measure to solve the pain points and difficult problems such as the non-implementation of the risk control measures of the offline dual prevention mechanism, the inaccurate investigation of hidden dangers, the insufficient participation of all staff, and the difficulty of tracing the rectification situation.

Refining workshop digital post inspection clock

Since the platform construction was started in April this year, with the technical support of Jiangxi Dadi Data Co., Ltd., the company has gone through preliminary research, plan formulation, platform construction, data entry, and computer system layout. The platform takes the digital construction of the dual prevention mechanism in the company's key place-refining workshop as the starting point, establishes 6 safety inspection points, sets up 145 inspection requirements, and is equipped with explosion-proof mobile phones, NFC cards, communication cards and positioning cards to realize the closed-loop management of digital inspection and hidden danger investigation and management.

The intelligent safety management and control platform includes 12 modules, including target responsibility, system management, education and training, double prevention, operation ticket management, occupational health, emergency management, accident management, hazardous chemicals management, personnel files, personnel positioning and monitoring equipment, which basically cover the elements of safety standardization and will be put into operation in the later period.

This work is to implement the requirements of work safety, deeply grasp the extreme importance of doing a good job in current work safety, and strictly follow the important requirements of the Party Central Committee that "epidemic should be prevented, economy should be stable, and development should be safe" and the spirit of the province's work deployment meeting for stable growth, risk prevention, stability maintenance, and people's livelihood, resolutely prevent and resolve safety production risks, resolutely curb the occurrence of various accidents, go all out to ensure the overall situation of safety production, and create a safe environment for the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Party.