The company carried out the activity of "sending watermelon in hot summer"

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Since entering the midsummer, the temperature has been rising steadily, and the heat is difficult. In order to effectively prevent and cool down employees in summer, promote safe production, and ensure the physical and mental health of employees, the company launched on the morning of July 12."Sending in hot summerCool "activity, for everyone to send a wisp of cool at the same time to send care and greetings.

      With care for the employees, the company leaders distributed dozens of big watermelons to the employees. At the same time, they did not forget to send instructions and greetings to the employees: the hot weather should pay attention to ventilation and heatstroke prevention, ensure the sanitation of the environment, and work hard at the same time. To ensure safety and physical and mental health. The company's deep feelings and trust are conveyed in a few words, so that employees can feel it from their hearts."Cool", so as to improve the morale of workers, enhance the power, and promote the safety of production.
Employees have said: "in the hot summer,Such a caring care gives us great faith, let us put into work in the best state,The leaders of the company always think of us and thank the company for its concern and sympathy for our employees. We will turn this concern and love into the motivation to do a good job and work hard.”