Xinruifeng Company Held the First Half of the Middle-level Cadre Debriefing and Assessment Meeting

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On July 19, Xinruifeng Company organized a debriefing and assessment meeting for middle-level cadres in the first half of the year, which was passed by 34 middle-level cadres.PPTIn the form of data icon, it briefly reports the completion of work objectives in the first half of the year, work priorities, highlights, difficulties and problems, improvement measures and work ideas in the second half of the year. After that, the middle-level mutual evaluation and senior management evaluation were carried out, and the leaders in charge commented on the work effectiveness and existing problems of cadres in the first half of the year.

Chen Pengfei, general manager of the company, summarized the work report meeting and believed that carrying out the mid year cadre work report assessment is conducive to the development of various work in the second half of the year, is an effective way to improve the quality of cadres, and is also a process of mutual learning and common improvement. A company is like a car. Every department and every employee is like a part of a car. The car must run fast and far, and every part must give full play to its role. It is emphasized that cadres should change their working ideas, strengthen their sense of cost, pay attention to details, and realize fine management; cadres should be prepared for danger in times of peace, fully understand the gap, enhance their sense of hardship, and have the courage to innovate and change.

At the end of the meeting, Zhou Jinlong, chairman of the company, shared the feelings of the meeting with you. He thought that from the work report, he felt the spirit of unity and cooperation, the innovative spirit of daring to try and the positive and optimistic spirit of the cadres. The company has a team of cadres who can stand up, stand up to the backbone, have responsibility and responsibility. It is pointed out that agriculture is the foundation of human survival, planting is the source of agriculture, the company's products have natural attributes, there is lasting vitality, the company's service planting industry is a sustainable business. After growth and experience, the majority of cadres are both professional and experienced, and their age is also the best stage for starting a business. I hope that everyone will seize the current favorable opportunity, take advantage of the situation, solve the existing problems one by one, overcome difficulties, and strive to be the first. Welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Party with outstanding results!