War high temperature, welcome the heat

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EnterSince July, as the temperature continues to rise, when everyone hides in the air-conditioned room and enjoys the cool world in the sultry and hot weather, inThere is such a group of people in Xinruifeng company. They still insist on working in the hot weather and fight tenaciously in the front line of production and equipment maintenance.

Refining workshop:


The extraction personnel are preparing the acid solution, and each time they are prepared, they have to operate at high temperature for more than half an hour, often sweating like a pig. The operation master said:"Such high temperature work, often sweating. change clothes three times a day”!


Power workshop:


Although thousands of people have worked hard, they have blown out the crazy sand before they reach gold! The power plant maintenance personnel are working together to completeMaintenance of No.5 Large Air Compressor. I saw sweat flowing wantonly on their faces, completely soaking their clothes, but their movements were still in place, not slack at all.


Fermentation workshop:

In hot weather, the sun is blazing. The indoor temperature in the fermentation workshop of Xinruifeng Company is higher than the outdoor temperature. The operation of many equipment emits a large amount of heat. Master Guo, a disinfection worker, is carrying out disinfection work in the fermentation tank.


Preparation Development Department:

Hot weatherIt is already a high temperature of over 40 degrees, but the personnel of the preparation development department are still testing various products in the vineyard under the scorching heat.

Marketing Department:


In order to ensure that the company's welfare (cherries) will not go bad, a member of the marketing department is at noon.The high temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius and wearing a mask to put a box of cherries and fashion on the bus. Nearly a thousand boxes of cherries in 2 cars took only 2 hours to transport from Changbei Airport to the company, and they were delivered to each employee on time before get off work.


Metrology Section:

Comrades from the metrology department went to the workshop to carry out network communication maintenance work under the scorching sun at noon.



At present, it is the peak season for the sales of emulsifiable concentrate products of Xinruifeng Company. In order to make the products reach the customers in time, the warehouse keeper, product delivery personnel and handling personnel of the company braved the outdoor temperature of more than 40 degrees to load the products according to the fashion and prepare the whole vehicle for shipment.


Preparation workshop:

Wu Feiqun, the monitor of the emulsifiable concentrate packaging team in the preparation workshop, braved the outdoor high temperature and went to the packaging warehouse to carry the emulsifiable concentrate packaging materials against the heat wave. He led the whole team to work overtime to pack the products as soon as possible so that they could be sent to the market in time.