War heat, fight heat-a day of the shipping staff in the marketing department.

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The sun is like fire, the heat is unbearable, recently.New DryThe temperature exceeded40Degree, the weather is hot but not hotXinruifengEmployee'sWorkEnthusiasm. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the company's orders,ShippersEvery day.In the hot sun, the shipping work will be carried out to the end.

Shippersalmost a year-roundNoneHugh's career, the moreHigh seasonThe more busy, the daily workload is mostly in12an hourLeft and right. ForShipmentThe summer, too.ShipmentAt the peak of the day, they braved the heat to walk throughCompany warehouse,Logistics Park, Express Point,will be oneBatch of goodsSafety,TimelySendCustomerhand.

57the ageComrade Xiong YaoqiangYesJiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.one ofShipmentStaff, responsibleGoods for medium and large ordersMatchingHair.Xiong YaoqiangEvery day to topHigh temperature pick up the goods, check the order, and then drive to Nanchang Logistics Park for delivery and unloading. After Xiong Yaoqiang delivered goods from Nanchang, it was often at night.7-8I can't get home until 8: 00. I leave early and return late every day without a complaint..

In order to deliver the goods in timeIn the hands of customers, every timeShipmentbefore,Xiong Yaoqiang will carefully count the daily order quantity, arrive at the warehouse in advance to connect with the warehouse keeper, and communicate with the salesman in time when delivery is hindered. "Quality assurance and timely delivery are essential business spirits for shippers." Xiong YaoqiangSay.

42the ageComrade Luo GuogenResponsibleGoods for small orders and large ordersMatchingHair.Luo GuogenEvery day to topHigh temperature in the warehouse to pick up the goods, check the order, package the goods, and then drive to the new dry logistics park delivery..At the time of delivery of large orders, Luo Guogen did not arrive in the morning.7Arrived at the company early at 9: 00, under the scorching sun, he personally drove a forklift truck to load the goods.

At the end of the day, he had to drink a few bottles of water, and his clothes were hardly dried at noon in the summer..Select DryShippersIn this line of staff, it is necessary to always focus on customers to ensure punctual and safe delivery of goods.,So even if it takes the heat to deliver the package, I think it's worth it."Luo GuogenSay.

Full of products, carrying the hard work and good hope of Xinruifeng people, every achievement of Xinruifeng cannot be separated from the full support and trust of Xinruifeng family members who are fighting in the front line. We can only do well, how dare we fail!