New Ruifeng Company Launching Activities of "Carrying Forward Traditional Virtues, Caring for the Elderly"

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2022On November 14, 2002, Xinruifeng Company launched the "Promotion of Traditional Virtues, Care and Care"With the assistance of the staff of Xingan County Civil Affairs Bureau, the activity group participated by the relevant leaders of the company, the personnel of the Ministry of safety and environmental protection and the party members of the administrative comprehensive party branch7People came to the nursing home in Lijiang Town to visit the old people living here, sent rice, noodles, eggs, cooking oil and other consolation items, chatted with the old people to understand their living conditions, and told them to take good care of themselves. The old people said that the nursing home is now in good condition, clean and tidy, and living here is very good. I am very happy with the condolences of the employees of Xinruifeng.

Xinruifeng Company focuses on the construction of healthy enterprises with real love actions, earnestly fulfills its social responsibilities, and actively participates in social welfare activities.