New Ruifeng Company's epidemic prevention and production are both correct.

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[Strive for the third quarter   Lay the Year to Win]]

9th Battalion Xinruifeng Company145People stationed in the factory to achieve epidemic prevention and control and safe production

From1 September 18:00From Xingan County to implement the county-wide static control, the ninth brigade of the new Ruifeng company epidemic prevention and control leading group immediately held a meeting, the static control work immediately arranged, strictly implement the epidemic prevention and control requirements. According to the static control emergency plan previously drawn up by the company, a total of production safety leaders, directors of each production workshop, deputy managers of the safety and environmental protection department, full-time safety officers, electrical instruments, mechanical equipment maintenance management personnel and operators of each section were arranged.1Forty-five people are on duty in the factory and do not stop production. Under the condition of ensuring that the epidemic prevention and control measures meet the requirements, the employees are 2.1 the production line and the company dormitory. The roar of machines, the intelligent clock-in of the product assembly line, and the on-duty picture in the surveillance video are still the same. Each post has someone to stick to it, ensuring safe production and stable production without stagnation. Continue"Hard work in the third quarter", laid the company's "year-round win".

Epidemic prevention and control is not lax

On September 1, after the emergency meeting of the epidemic situation was held by the salt and chemical office of the park, the chairman and general manager of the company immediately held an emergency meeting, quickly called the company's senior and middle-level leading party members and cadres in place, immediately started the static management and epidemic prevention plan, the epidemic prevention function control teams acted separately, immediately took static management measures, and the whole staff took action that night.Completed the company's production personnel before 22:30145 people go to the factory (the rest work at home),While deploying and arranging safe production work, while implementing epidemic prevention and control requirements and control measures, and at the same time doing a good job in the production of raw materials for external supply related liaison and stay in the factory production team production and accommodation arrangements. Organize employees to carry out nucleic acid testing on a daily basis, strictly implement the daily reporting system according to the requirements, and make sure that the information is submitted."Daily Report", "Zero Report"; Prepare adequate epidemic protection supplies, masks10000Remaining tablets, protective clothing19 sets, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, etc., anotherSpare beds preparedMore than 150 beds, including 20 isolated beds for employees to live in the factory/isolated.

Pay attention to employees' mental and physical health status. In addition to ensuring the normal supply of four meals a day, the company also purchased a large number of apples, bananas and other fruits for distribution to employees. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the company purchased moon cakes for each employee, and usually provided employees with table tennis, badminton, basketball and other entertainment facilities. A small open-air was also held on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival.K song activities, relax after work, relieve pressure.

Safe production without stopping work

During the outbreak, the new Ruifeng company arranged safety, production, market in charge of senior leaders in the factory to guide the epidemic prevention production command, production of the four major workshop director in the factory responsible for the production of first-line scheduling, conscientiously fulfill the daily safety risk assessment, the implementation of the production workshop fire and explosion safety requirements. Implement the inspection system of leaders in the factory. Reasonable arrangement of production, to avoid major maintenance risks, to ensure the safety of production without stopping work.

Each post in the workshop has two shifts, with the monitor taking the lead, maintaining the normal operation of production. Production material guarantee screening, tracking of temporary arrival materials, normal production and feeding; Some personnel are reserved for packaging to prepare for delivery to ensure market demand and deliver goods to Fujian and Nanchang for transit.6 trucks, 2 cars of package materials, 1 train of express delivery; The first shift of product inspection or even a single person worked overtime to check out the data on time, and the results remained valid. Environmental protection standard discharge and three wastes treatment will be completed in an orderly manner through the county emergency channel......

At this critical moment, the majority of employees fully carry forward the spirit of overcoming difficulties and overcoming difficulties together. Front-line production personnel, especially female employees, volunteered to insist on continuous duty production, give full play to the role of party members, cadres and backbone, take the lead in advancing, and take the initiative to take the job vacancies. In particular, Wang Yuguo, a disinfection worker with more than 20 years of party experience in the fermentation workshop, Zhong Mingxing, head of the refining workshop, and Luo Guogen of the marketing department, took the company and the workshop, actively lead the team to do a good job in post production and play a vanguard and exemplary role. Wu Yingying, a product inspector, works every day.14 hours, while completing the detection of 4 liquid chromatographs, to meet the quality data requirements of process production.

New Ruifeng company through strict epidemic prevention and control measures, flexible scheduling of the whole company safety production, proper arrangements.The logistics life of 145 people on duty has ensured that the prevention and control of the epidemic and safe production are not wrong, and the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Party is welcomed with practical actions.

The picture shows the stability maintenance site of each post in the company.

The picture shows the nucleic acid testing site of all employees in the company every day.