Carrying Forward the Spirit of Lei Feng and Showing the Elegance of Party Members-The Administrative Comprehensive Party Branch of Xinruifeng Company Launches Volunteer Service Activities to Learn from Lei Feng

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On March 7, the Xinruifeng Administrative Comprehensive Party Branch launched a volunteer service activity to learn from Lei Feng with the theme of "carrying forward the spirit of Lei Feng and showing the elegant demeanor of party members", and organized seven party members of the branch to clean the company's commuter bus. convey and practice the spirit of Lei Feng in the new era with practical actions.

At the activity site, everyone was divided into two groups: outside cleaning and inside cleaning. Some washed the car body with a car wash mop, some washed the window glass with a plastic water pipe, some carefully wiped each seat with a rag, and some had the floor inside the trailer. Comrades were full of energy. After an hour's work, the commuter bus took on a new look. At the end of the event, Party branch secretary Chen Xiaoming led everyone to sing the song "Learning from Lei Feng's Good Example", emphasizing that today we carry forward the "Lei Feng Spirit" and serve the people with practical actions. We hope that every party member will play an exemplary role and learn from Lei Feng. The activities are integrated into daily life and turned into regular, so that learning from Lei Feng and striving to be Lei Feng become a common practice in the company.