Encountering the Sea of Love Flowers in Spring-A Record of the "March 8th Festival" Youth League Building Activities for Female Employees of Xinruifeng Company

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Some people say that no matter how old a woman is, there is a little girl living in her heart. She loves fairy tale castles and beautiful flowers. To celebrateOn "March 8th" International Women's Day, the Xinruifeng Trade Union organized female employees to come to Fengcheng Love Flower Town in two batches on March 8 and March 9 to rush to the romantic meeting of this spring.

In the March season, when traveling, the female employees of Xinruifeng came to the love flower town by car, and there were colorful windmills, classical dreamy castles, colorful sea of flowers, and sparkling lakes in front of everyone., Every scenery makes people linger. The most intoxicating are tulips and cherry blossoms, colorful and delicate tulips, with brilliant gold, gentle pink, pure white and passionate red, beautiful like a rich picture scroll. The breeze blows, pieces of cherry petals like butterflies dancing in the air, falling to the ground like a carpet, flower forest,"Flower rain" and flower blankets have become a sea of pink sky, in which people are like a fairyland, romantic and spectacular. Female workers in small groups, all the way to enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoy the spring romance, they will sing and dance, will stop to take pictures, in the laughter, leaving countless beautiful moments.

This event showed the energetic mental outlook and youthful and beautiful demeanor of the female employees of Xinruifeng. It not only exercised the body, relaxed the mood, but also enhanced the communication and friendship between each other, and created a harmonious family of Xinruifeng. Atmosphere.