New Ruifeng Launching Tree Planting Activities

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Spring is warm and flowers are blooming, and trees are planted to add green at that time, in order to beautify the company's environment. On the afternoon of March 13, under the leadership of General Manager Chen Pengfei, the Third Youth League Branch of the Ninth Brigade (Xinruifeng Youth League Branch) organized and carried out the "Youth Protection Green, You and I Walk Together" youth tree planting activity.

At the tree planting site, the party members and league members participating in the activity had a clear division of labor and cooperated with each other, digging holes, supporting saplings, shoveling soil, and lifting buckets for watering. The tree planting links were connected in an orderly manner and cooperated tacitly. Everyone communicated while working. Although the weather was a little hot, everyone also experienced a full sense of accomplishment in their busy work.

This event not only promoted the joint construction of the party and the league, greened and beautified the company's environment, but also stimulated the youth's sense of responsibility to love life, plant trees and protect the green, and created a strong atmosphere of loving, planting and protecting the green. While relieving the pressure of work with labor, we should strive to be an active practitioner of afforestation and a firm supporter of the "double carbon" goal with practical actions, and contribute our youth to the blue sky defense war.