It has become a common practice for Xin Ruifeng to "look at, learn from and be an example".

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On March 14, before the start of the company's regular production meeting, the company's leaders commended Wang Junhong, Liu Pinghui and other employees who had performed well recently. Each of them received a cash red envelope from 500 yuan from the company's leaders. Now this has become an important content before the start of the company's weekly production meeting.

ForWe will continue to create a working atmosphere of "being positive and striving for excellence" and carry forward the positive energy of loving one's post and devoting oneself to one's work,Give full play to the exemplary and leading role of the company's advanced models, show the power of example, and form a good atmosphere of learning advanced, catching up with advanced, comparing advanced and being advanced among employees,Last year, the general manager of the company's office will decide to give timely recognition to the outstanding employees who have emerged.

CompanyNew leadership fromIn May last year, a series of publicity and commendation activities were organized and carried out. Before the weekly production meeting, the company willDedication, focus on problems, overcome difficulties, improve the level and ensure employees with excellent production performanceA total of 46 outstanding employees were commended throughout the year, with a total bonus of more than 30000 yuan. Now the whole company has formed a strong atmosphere of "looking at, learning from and being an example.

With the advanced deeds of the people around us, guide employees to advocate advanced, learn advanced, strive to be advanced, catch up with advanced, sing the main theme, and strengthen positive energy. The company insists on "educating people around you with things around you", organizes and mobilizes all departments to actively discover role models around you, comprehensively creates a strong atmosphere of striving for excellence and taking responsibility, and puts into work with full enthusiasm and high energy.

Now all employees of the companyIt has become a common practice to "learn from the advanced, catch up with the advanced and surpass the advanced. Take the example as the driving force for progress, actively exert positive energy, and take practical actions to promote the smooth completion of the company's various goals and tasks.Encourage employees to learn, catch up with and be advanced, give full play to their exemplary and leading role, strive to create a good atmosphere of "comparison, learning, catching up, helping and surpassing", and promote the work of the whole company to a new level.