Drought Relief New Ruifeng in Action

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2022Since mid-July, affected by the continuous high temperature, more sunny and less rainy weather, severe droughts have occurred in many parts of Jiangxi. The water for agricultural drought resistance has become increasingly tight, and some places have even experienced difficulties in drinking water.At present, Jiangxi late rice is in the grain filling period, which is the key period of rice yield formation, and it is the time to use water. All parts of Jiangxi have opened up water sources through river water intake, ditches, irrigation station water diversion, pumping station water, and pumping from motor wells to minimize the adverse effects of drought on agricultural production.

Located in Xiongjiacao Village, Shikou Village Committee, Xingan County, near Xinruifeng CompanyDrought has occurred in more than 500 mu of rice. Due to the continuous drought, there is not much water in the Zoujiakeng Reservoir in the village, and most of the rice fields cannot be irrigated, which will seriously affect the rice harvest of farmers in the village this year. On September 20, Xinruifeng Company received a request from Shikou Village Committee to support the drought relief in Xiong Jiacao Village. The company's leaders did not hesitate and immediately arranged personnel to take active actions to provide unconditional support. The power workshop used the riverside pump for production to pump water and installed special pipelines to irrigate the rice fields in the village. On September 23, in order to increase the amount of water pumping and ensure a continuous and sufficient supply of water for 24 hours, a submersible pump was installed in the well water reservoir on the riverside of the company's water supply station for pumping and irrigation, with a daily pumping capacity of nearly 2000 tons, which accelerated the speed of drought relief and quickly alleviated the rice drought in xiongjiacao village, which was unanimously praised by the villagers. If the drought continues, in order to ensure the water demand for late rice growth, it is expected that it will take half a month to pump water continuously. Xinruifeng Company once again interprets the mission of "auspicious agriculture, Zhaofeng farmers" with practical actions!