Learning, Thinking, Practicing and Understanding | Experience of Watching "Model 7"

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Under the organization of the party branch, on the evening of March 25, I watched the feature film "example" broadcast by CCTV.7 ", the feature film uses true stories to show the advanced deeds of 8 representatives of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, including Wang Yaping, Wang Chuanxi, Ai Aiguo, Zhang Yugun, Wu Dajing, Lin Zhanxi, Meng Kunyu, and Lu Shengmei. Their firm belief, The noble quality and spiritual demeanor of practicing the purpose, hard work and dedication, and integrity have deeply infected me, and my heart is once again greatly encouraged. The lofty spirit exuded by these role models vividly interprets the original aspirations of the Chinese Communists, demonstrates the mission of the Chinese Communists in the new era, and embodies the political character and advanced image of the role models in the new era. The power of role models is infinite. We must become practitioners and disseminators of the spirit of role models, and let the spirit of role models shine forever.

To learn from the example, one must firmly establish one's first heart. Wang Yaping, a space heroine who has persisted in hard training for decades, Lin Zhanxi, an agricultural expert who wrote legends with vegetation and forged with his first heart, and Zhang Yugun, a mountain village teacher who shows the glorious image of people's teachers in the new era.... they all have a common trait, that is, the belief is rock solid. They turn their loyalty to the party into concrete actions. They know that they are party members and the people need them. They are duty-bound to devote themselves to the great construction of the motherland. To learn from the example, we must never forget the solemn oath under the party's banner, truly feel the party's favor, listen to the party's words, and follow the party. Regardless of the wind and rain, we can still stick to the spiritual high ground of the Communists and always maintain the original heart.

Look up to the example and stick to the ordinary. Wang Chuanxi, a village party secretary who served the people wholeheartedly,

Lu Shengmei, a pediatrician who devoted his whole life to the primary medical and health cause...... The deeds of the role models demonstrate the belief in the supremacy of the people, the people's feelings of "bowing their heads and being willing to be an ox", and the true nature of "success must have me. This embodiment of the true nature of serving the people wholeheartedly is exactly the purpose of our Chinese Communists to serve the people wholeheartedly. Our party has gone through a glorious course of more than a hundred years by relying on the people, and we still need to rely on the people to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the future. To follow the example, we should adhere to the concept of serving the people wholeheartedly in ordinary posts, always see if we have really done practical things for the masses, shoulder the mission with iron shoulders, practice the original intention for the people, and strive for dreams.

Pay tribute to the example and be dedicated and loving. In Xianggang welder post dedicationMore than 50 years, excellence, the pursuit of excellence, the courage to innovate more than 70 years old self-proclaimed "steel tailor" Ai Aiguo, for the motherland's most handsome traffic police Meng Kunyu, mission on the shoulder, face the difficulties of the sportsman Wu Dajing... The deeds of the excellent example embodies the selfless dedication and dedication of the Chinese Communists to "give up the ego and become the greater self. To pay tribute to the example, we should strengthen our ideals and beliefs, combine dedication with down-to-earth, combine hard work with mission, write answers to the new era with practical work, and strive to create achievements worthy of the times.

The deeds of the example are touching. It interprets the lofty ideals of the Communists, shows the firm beliefs of the Communists, shines with the light of the original intention and mission, and illuminates our way forward like a beacon and torch. As a party member, I must always keep in mind the purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, learn from the deeds of example, learn from their practices and combine practical applications in work, find gaps in reflection, build confidence in comparison, and strengthen my ideals and beliefs. Work hard to serve the people and contribute to the company's high-quality development.