Xinruifeng Launching Honest Warning Education to Conserve Honest Enterprise Style

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In order to further enhance employees' awareness of honesty and improve their ability to resist corruption and degeneration, the Xinruifeng Party General Branch organized more than 30 senior executives, department heads, purchasing department employees, preparation team employees, engineering equipment department employees and relevant employees of the Administration and Personnel Department to watch honesty warning education films in the large conference room on the second floor, continuously carry out honesty warning education, and cultivate honesty and enterprise style for three consecutive months from February to April.


In the warning education film, the fallen officials appeared to say that the specific details of the case and the lessons behind it were fully restored, which brought us not only shock, but also a profound warning. Some leading cadres of state-owned enterprises have relaxed their self-transformation of world outlook, outlook on life, and values, resulting in lost beliefs, spiritual loss, and moral decline. They use their rights and positions to seek personal gain and enrich their own pockets, resulting in the loss of state-owned assets and ignoring Party discipline and national laws eventually embarked on the road of crime.

The on-site viewers agreed that the warning education film had strong pertinence and good educational effect, and achieved the effect of promoting reform and warning by case, which touched and alerted the mind. Everyone said one after another that they should consciously enhance their ability to resist corruption and degeneration, constantly enhance their awareness of discipline, rules, and law-abiding, consciously resist all kinds of temptations, and consciously abide by the law. Know awe, keep the bottom line, keep guard against fear, truly be honest in practice, and jointly create a good atmosphere for Xinruifeng Company to be clean and honest!