Strengthening the Awareness of Secrecy and Building a Secure Defense Line of Secrecy-New Ruifeng Launching Special Training on Secrecy Knowledge

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In order to strengthen and do a good job in confidentiality under the new situation, enhance the awareness of confidentiality and integrity of staff in key departments and positions such as human, financial, material, and technology, and create a safe and clean working environment, on the morning of April 13, Xinruifeng organized more than 100 senior executives, middle-level and relevant employees of various departments to carry out special training on confidentiality knowledge in the large conference room on the third floor, and Kang Xiaodong, secretary of the party committee of the brigade, xu Min, director of the brigade office, gave lectures on confidential knowledge.

At the training meeting, Xu Min, director of the brigade office, used PPT courseware to lead everyone to learn the "the People's Republic of China Law on Keeping State Secrets", and focused on the current situation and importance of secrecy work, common problems and causes of secrecy management (including commercial secrecy), countermeasures and suggestions, etc. Several aspects, combined with typical cases, gave a profound and simple lecture, and gave detailed explanations and key tips on the problems of leakage that are easy to occur in daily work.

Kang Xiaodong carried out warning education in combination with a case of confidentiality violation of law and discipline in an enterprise from other provinces. He pointed out that in the process of production and operation, Xinruifeng involves scientific research projects, process technology, product development, procurement bidding and other commercial information confidentiality matters, so it is particularly important to do a good job of confidentiality, and put forward requirements and suggestions on how to do a good job of confidentiality, with special emphasis on strengthening the confidentiality management of technology, research and development, and news reports.

After the training, the trainees signed the "Confidentiality Contract" or "Integrity Practice Commitment" on the spot according to the nature of the job.