New Ruifeng Technology Center Party Branch Launches National Security Education Day Theme Party Day Activities

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In order to thoroughly implement the overall national security concept and solidly carry out the eighth "April 15" national security education day for all, on April 14, the party branch of xinruifeng technology center carried out the national security education theme party day activity in the party member activity room of the company, and all party members and some employees of the branch participated in the activity.

The activities were carried out in the way of online and offline simultaneous publicity. The activities focused on learning the important expositions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on national security, the strategic deployment of the Party's 20th National Congress report on national security work, and the ''Learning Outline of the Overall National Security View''; Online use of departmental WeChat groups to actively promote national security law promotional videos and short videos, and carry out all-round publicity and education activities on the "National Security Education Day for All People.

All party members and cadres of the party branch also actively participated in the online answering activities of the bureau's national security concept and the answering activities of the company's party members to learn "national security knowledge.

This theme party day activity has enhanced the awareness of party members, cadres and workers to safeguard national security and created a safe and harmonious atmosphere of the rule of law.