2021 China (Binchuan) Grape Industry Conference was grandly held

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On April 20, "Grape City" in the plateau and "Turpan" in the southern part of the country "mdash;" Binchuan County, Yunnan Province ushered in an industrial event. The annual theme event of the Southern Rural Newspaper "Empowering agriculture in a big country to promote high-quality development" "2021 China Quality Agriculture Action" was held at the second stop "2021 China (Binchuan) Grape Industry Conference". The Organizing Committee of the conference invited a number of authoritative experts and industry professionals to analyze the high-efficiency varieties and the development direction of varieties in the post-Sunshine Rose era, common problems and solutions of main grape varieties, precise supply of grape nutrition, orchard soil improvement and ecological maintenance. Check the pulse, etc. More than 500 professional representatives from various grape-producing regions across the country attended the conference, and more than 80,000 netizens watched the exciting content of the conference through online live broadcast.

Conference site

It is reported that this conference was sponsored by Southern Rural Newspaper, Nongcai.com Grape Link, and co-organized by Guangdong Tianrun Economic Development Co., Ltd. and Linyi Mingying Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., and won Shandong Wufusheng Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd. Strong support from the company, Sichuan Zhongnong Runze Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd., Nanjing Xuankai Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Ziniu Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Shanghai Fangdian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Angel Yeast Co., Ltd., Nongyiwang, and Spain Silogra (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Co., Ltd. appeared at the conference.
Who is a good variety for the post-Sunshine Rose era?
The Central Economic Work Conference held this year listed solving the problems of seeds and arable land as a key task. Varieties are the "chips" of the grape industry. Although my country is the world's largest producer of table grapes, its international influence still needs to be improved, and the cultivation of new grape varieties with world influence and intellectual property rights needs to be strengthened.

Speech by Wang Xianyuan, Deputy General Manager of Southern Rural Daily

Wang Xianyuan, deputy general manager of the Southern Rural Daily, on behalf of the organizer of the conference, said that in recent years, Binchuan has continuously enriched the structure of grape varieties, and popular varieties such as Sunshine Rose, Sapphire, and Queen Nina have been planted on a large scale and with high quality, bringing great benefits to grape growers. Here comes a new way to increase income and create wealth. Grapes are becoming a more and more beautiful city card in Binchuan.
At present, the common main varieties in China are Kyoho, Red Earth and Xiahei. In recent years, the cultivation area of ​​Sunshine Rose and Queen Nina has expanded rapidly. In particular, Sunshine Rose, as a rare good variety that brings great planting and market benefits, has a rapid development momentum. At present, it is about 500,000-800,000 mu, with an output value of more than 10 billion. However, the price of sunshine roses has declined after a high-speed surge in the past two years, and the economic benefits are not as good as before.

Xu Weidong, President of Jiangsu Grape Association and Chairman of Zhangjiagang Shenyuan Grape Technology Co., Ltd.

In the post-Sunshine Rose era, which one is the next popular variety? “The future development direction of grape varieties is good-looking, good-sounding, delicious (scent, thin skin, crispy meat, bursting pulp), good smell, good luck, fun + planting! ” At the meeting, Xu Weidong, chairman of the Jiangsu Grape Association and chairman of Zhangjiagang Shenyuan Grape Technology Co., Ltd., pointed out that the real good varieties must first satisfy the desires of consumers (demand-oriented), and secondly, they must satisfy the premium of dealers (One kilometer after Z), and thirdly, to meet the profitability of producers (one kilometer after Z). “Achieving a win-win situation for all parties is the real good variety! ”
The advantages of sunshine roses are fragrant, crisp, sweet, resistant to storage and transportation, disease resistance, high yield, stable production, etc. The disadvantages are late maturity, high management costs, need to be handled, and a single color. “Post-Sunshine Rose varieties are characterized by preserving all the advantages of the Sunshine Rose while reducing the various disadvantages of the Sunshine Rose. "Xu Weidong pointed out. Specifically, it mainly has the following characteristics:
Maturity early--slightly early (7-15 days early), early (15-25 days early), very early (more than 25 days early)
Seedless—naturally seedless, no seedless treatment required.
Labor saving - no need to preserve fruit, no need to expand, and it is easy to comb flowers and fruits.
More colors - red, purple, black.
More fragrant, crispier, thinner—more fragrant, thinner skin, and crispy meat.
Appearance - bigger, brighter, more even, better looking.
Resistance - no virus disease, disease resistance, insect resistance, resistance to adversity.
High-yield—good differentiation of flower buds, good fruiting performance and high yield.
It is more important to adjust the nutrient ratio and increase the amount of fertilization
Hongti is one of the main varieties of Binchuan. It has a long growth period. The fruit is prone to cracking before maturity and during the coloring period, which seriously affects the quality and yield, reduces economic benefits, and causes farmers a headache. Wang Jinjun, founder of China Nongteng Grape Yiyou Double High Model, said that there are 7 types of red grape cracking. Among them, peel cracking occurs in the near-ripening stage of berries, which occurs during harvesting, packaging, storage, and transportation. The main reason is that insufficient water supply or improper control causes the volume of the surface cells of the pericarp to increase rapidly, which reduces the ability of the fruit to resist internal pressure during the storage period of sugar accumulation, which can easily lead to the reproduction of exogenous microorganisms.

Wang Jinjun, founder of China Nongteng Grape One Excellent Double High Model

Secondly, the excessive use of plant regulators and biostimulants by fruit farmers causes the tree to have only a stimulating function but no nutritional function, resulting in an imbalance in the supply of nutrients to the tree, and intermittent separation of the peel and pulp in a short period of time. “Binchuan is now putting more emphasis on fertilization and less on nutrition. As soon as the fruit grows short, the fruit farmers just increase the amount of fertilization, which is very unscientific. ” Wang Jinjun emphasized that it is more important to adjust the nutrient ratio and increase the amount of fertilizer. The nutrition is balanced and reasonable, and the grapes grow evenly.
Since 2018, the Binchuan area has been repeatedly attacked by high temperature heat damage and low temperature cold damage. Especially in the recent period, the high temperature and drought have continued, and there has been serious scorpion damage on the grapes. "Pest prevention and control" is more important than "treatment". Only by preventing diseases and insects in advance will the insects disappear. ” Wang Jinjun pointed out at the meeting that to prevent and control the scorpion, we must pay attention not only to the leaves of the grapes, but also to the ground to cut off the propagation path when spraying the medicine. In addition, the prevention and control should start from the time of clearing the garden in winter. On the basis of spraying the trees, fruits, and leaves, it should also be combined with comprehensive methods such as spraying poison baits on the ground to kill, and applying pesticides to branches.
Agricultural enterprises have to overcome three hurdles in Binchuan
At present, Binchuan County has a total grape planting area of ​​164,600 mu and 160,200 mu of fruit bearing. It is the largest county-level high-quality early-ripening fresh table grape production base in the country. Grape has become the pillar industry of Binchuan with the "largest planting scale, the tightest connection of interests, and the fastest increase in farmers' income", and has also cultivated a huge market for agricultural materials.

Xie Mingkun, senior agronomist, Dali Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Xie Mingkun, a senior agronomist at the Dali Academy of Agricultural Sciences, pointed out that there are a large number of growers in Binchuan who love to learn, and the planting level is getting higher and higher, which puts forward high requirements for the quality of agricultural products and agricultural technical services. “In the past, the competition in the agricultural materials market was disorderly, and now it is beginning to return to rationality. ” Xie Mingkun said that the quality, products and services of the Binchuan agricultural market are becoming more and more specialized.
Professional agricultural materials and agricultural technology services have solved production problems for growers, but the problem currently faced by the Binchuan grape industry is that there is a lot of pressure on fruit sales. “Agricultural material service providers should consider how to solve the sales problems of fruit farmers and extend their services to the sales link after listing. ” Xie Mingkun pointed out that in order to become bigger and stronger and gain a firm foothold in Binchuan, agricultural enterprises and service providers must pass the technical level, whether the product quality is excellent, and whether the marketing model can solve the difficulty of fruit sales. Three hurdles.
Corporate Viewpoint:
Huang Shiqian, Deputy Director of Jiangxi Plant Growth Regulator Engineering Research Center and Marketing Manager of Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Plant growth regulators are substances that have physiological and biological effects similar to those of plant hormones through artificial synthesis after understanding the structure and mechanism of action of natural plant hormones. When used in grapes, they can effectively regulate the growth process of crops and achieve stable and increased yield. To improve quality, enhance crop resistance and other purposes. According to Huang Shiqian, Marketing Manager of Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Xinruifeng), Xinruifeng, formerly affiliated to the Ministry of Nuclear Industry, has been committed to the production of plant growth regulators since its establishment in 1989. It is an important production base of gibberellic acid and abscisic acid. In 2019, the output of various types of gibberellic acid was 180 tons. At the scene, he shared the professional pull flower treatment, fruit preservation treatment, fruit expansion treatment, coloring treatment and other solutions, and grandly launched the "Baohua Baoguo" series products of the professional grape regulation brand.
Huang Shiqian introduced that most grape varieties do not need to pull flowers, only when the fruit setting rate is high, fruit thinning is labor-intensive, and there are no obvious side effects of pulling flowers. The best time to pull flowers is when the inflorescence has been separated but soon after separation, the inflorescence is not separated and the ear is prone to deformity. If the inflorescence is just separated, it is too long and the fruit is easy to drop. If the inflorescence is separated for too long, pulling the ear will not work. When the inflorescence is elongated, the overly long spikelets should be cut off to make the spikes conical or cylindrical. For varieties with secondary ears, cut off the secondary ears before flowering, and remove the tip of the ears before flowering.
There are many reasons for grapes to drop flowers and fruits. Factors such as vigorous vegetative growth, boron deficiency, insufficient tree storage nutrients, diseases, climate, variety genetics and other factors can lead to flower and fruit drop. In the handling of fruit preservation, do not challenge risks, and prefer to keep secrets rather than sparse. In production, fruit farmers often suffer losses due to improper fruit preservation. The suitable treatment period for fruit preservation is generally from the end of flowering to 3 days after flower drop. If gibberellic acid is treated too early, it will lead to the tendency of seedless varieties to become seedless, and if it is treated too late, it will increase natural fruit drop. Recommendation: Mixing of gibberellic acid with thidiazuron or pyridoxuron can improve the use effect, reduce the concentration of a single dose, and reduce the occurrence of side effects.
Studies have shown that the rapid growth of fruit is related to the content of gibberellic acid in the fruit. The size of the fruit is adequate, and caution should be exercised when using secondary fruit expansion, especially in the hard-core stage. The fruit expansion period is preferably the period of the size of the fruit, soybeans and peanuts (12-15 days after the fruit is preserved); the regulator is not a nutrition, but most of it is to build a skeleton, and the filling of the contents requires the supply of nutrients and water.
Studies have shown that the rapid growth of fruit is related to the content of gibberellic acid in the fruit. The size of the fruit is adequate, and caution should be exercised when using secondary fruit expansion, especially in the hard-core stage. The fruit expansion period is preferably the period of the size of the fruit, soybeans and peanuts (12-15 days after the fruit is preserved); the regulator is not a nutrition, but most of it is to build a skeleton, and the filling of the contents requires the supply of nutrients and water.
Both ethephon and S-induced antibiotics can promote the grapes to go to market earlier, but S-induction can make the grapes color evenly, without the phenomenon of grain loss and soft fruit, and it is resistant to storage and transportation, making the fruit flavor better, increasing the sugar content, and the flowers. The content of cyanin increased, and the quality improved obviously.

Pan Ming, R&D Director, Shandong Wufusheng Ecological Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shandong Wufusheng is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and production of microorganisms and microbial derivatives. In 2020, the patent certificate for the invention of Trichoderma harzianum solid fermentation applied by Shandong Wufusheng was successfully approved. According to Pan Ming, R&D director of Shandong Wufusheng, Trichoderma harzianum belongs to the Hypocystis, which is a deficient fungus, and is widely found in soil, rotten wood and plant residues. Trichoderma harzianum can produce a large amount of antimicrobial substances, such as lipopolysaccharides, antibiotics, biosurfactants, etc., which can effectively prevent root rot and downy mildew when used on grapes.

Yang Xiaofan, Marketing Director of Guangxi Xinsheng International Trade Co., Ltd.

According to Yang Xiaofan, Marketing Director of Guangxi Xinshengli, the company is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of new fertilizers and agricultural technology services. In December 2018, BASF authorized Xinshengli as a strategic partner in China to exclusively produce BASF Weibaisuo long-acting fully water-soluble special fertilizer. The company has a mass base in Binchuan for nearly 20 years, and the top companies in the local chemical fertilizer sales have all acted as agents to sell the company's products. At present, the Yala Supreme water-soluble fertilizer, which is mainly promoted by Xinsheng Company, is very popular among farmers due to its high cost performance and good fertilizer efficiency.

Xie Yu, Marketing Director of Sichuan Zhongnong Runze Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Xie Yu, Marketing Director of Zhongnong Runze, pointed out that the quality of crops has been improved.To increase production, it is necessary to increase the application of "organic fertilizer" reasonably. Use it correctly, use enough, and use the fertile soil for 3 years, and the lean soil will not become fat for 3 years. Zhongnong Runze is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of organic fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers and other fertilizers. The company's professional technical service team also provides farmers with full-process solutions for crop planting. Since its establishment, the company has maintained a rapid development trend, and its hardware and software strength is in a leading position in China. The production base of Zhongnong Runze in Wenjiang is the first organic fertilizer pilot project established by the Ministry of Agriculture (now the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs) in the southwest in 2006, and it is also the first organic fertilizer production enterprise in Sichuan Province to settle in the China Agricultural Materials Circulation Association. At present, Zhongnong Runze has several subsidiaries and production bases under its jurisdiction, and its production capacity is in the forefront of the industry. In the next development journey, Zhongnong Runze will take this conference as an opportunity to continue to make efforts in technological innovation and strength building, and contribute to the development of the grape industry.