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  Ruijin, the old red capital, is the cradle of the Republic and the birthplace of the Provisional Central Government of the Chinese Soviet Republic. On the morning of June 29, 2021, the first meeting of the "2021 Scientific and Safe Drug Use Training and Serving Rural Revitalization Industry and Enriching the People Series Activities" hosted by the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center and the China Pesticide Development and Application Association was held on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The success of Ruijin City is of great significance.



 Hua Rongjun, Secretary General of China Pesticide Development and Application Association, presided over the opening ceremony of the meeting. The 100th anniversary of the party's birthday is approaching. Secretary-General Hua Rongjun led everyone to stand up and sang "Without the Communist Party, there would be no new China".



  Liu Yongquan, president of China Pesticide Development and Application Association, Zhong Ling, deputy director of Jiangxi Rural Revitalization and Development Center, and Liu Hui, director of Ruijin Agriculture and Rural Bureau, delivered speeches at the opening ceremony and held the launching ceremony of Jiangxi Province's scientific and safe drug use in 2021.



  The scientific and safe use of drugs is inseparable from the participation and promotion of enterprises. During the meeting, various enterprises donated pesticide materials to representatives of growers in Ruijin City, and accepted the donation certificate issued by the organizer.


  General Manager of Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. - Zhou Jinlong (third from left)

  Liu Shaoren, Director of the Supervision Division of the Pesticide Control Institute of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, made an important report on "Medicine Selection and Protection of Rights". He suggested that growers should go to regular institutions to buy pesticides, should choose products from manufacturers with pesticide business licenses and business licenses, and operators should understand agricultural production and pesticides.



  Li Yongping, a senior agronomist at the National Agricultural Technology Extension Service Center, published a report on the Prevention and Control of Rice Planthoppers. The net room experiment showed that the dominant population of the parasitic natural enemy in the paddy field was the black beetle, and its parasitic rate was higher than that of other natural enemies in the artificial simulated natural insect breeding room experiment and the field net room experiment. The cage test shows that when the ratio of spiders and insects in the field is 1:3-4, the population of planthoppers can be completely controlled without applying pesticides. At the meeting, Li Yongping gave detailed answers to farmers' questions about rice cultivation.



  Zou Shaofeng, assistant to the general manager of Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd., made a special report on "Technical Exchange of Plant Growth Regulator Application". He pointed out the problems with rice cultivation at different growth periods.
In the germination stage, the germination rate is low, the buds are not uniform and strong, and the seed resistance is low, resulting in a low seedling emergence rate;
Physiological obstacles in the seedling stage, slow growth, no roots;
In the tillering stage, the root system is not developed, and the disease is affected, resulting in slow tillering and many ineffective tillers;
Influenced by diseases at the booting stage, insufficient fertilizer absorption, and not full booting;
The cold dew and wind at the heading stage led to difficulties in heading, and some of the ears could not be drawn out;
In the mature stage, the grain filling is insufficient, the grains are not full, and there are many shriveled valleys and lodging.
And recommended product solutions for different problems.



  "Ruifeng Lvba" 0.03% S-Yuqin Aqueous Agent
Function: Enhance the ability of plants to resist adversity, and reduce the degradation of chlorophyll under adversity conditions; regulate the level of plant endogenous hormones, promote the transformation of vegetative growth into reproductive growth; improve the absorption and utilization rate of medicinal fertilizers;
Promotes lateral root and root hair growth.



  "Maogenwang" brand 2% indine·moantin WP
Function: Promote roots and strong seedlings, improve the comprehensive quality of seedlings, improve the survival rate of transplanting seedlings, and increase the number of effective tillers per mu.



  "Rui Zhaofeng" Brand 0.01% Brassinolide (28 Gao-Yun) EC
Function: Improve stress resistance (antifreeze, cold resistance, etc.); two-way conduction, increase drug and fertilizer efficiency; increase chlorophyll content, enhance photosynthesis; promote cell growth and division; , to improve the safety of fertilizer use.



  Improve the emergence rate of seedlings, promote homogeneous seedlings and strong seedlings, more developed root systems (more roots, longer roots, more white roots), enhance stress resistance of seedlings, improve overall quality of seedlings, and make seedlings healthier.


  Increased seed set, fuller grains

  Ruijin is located in the southern Gansu region and is rich in navel oranges. Xinruifeng's citrus package can improve the fruit setting rate, the new shoots are not prosperous and long, automatic screening of weak fruit, fast fruit division, fine oil bag, smooth peel, correct fruit shape, uniform size, safe and efficient, and good mixability!


  The performance of the citrus package on Gonggan

  After Mr. Zou's sharing, the participating growers came to Xinruifeng's booth to learn about Xinruifeng's series of rice, citrus, peanut, grape and other products, and to consult the application plan of regulators.
Xinruifeng will always adhere to the business policy of focusing on products, focusing on crops and focusing on plans, and advocates the scientific and standardized use of plant growth regulators, so as to contribute to China's hybrid rice and China's agricultural development!


 New Ruifeng team photo