Build consensus to promote development and build a new chapter with firm confidence - the first half of 2021 Xinruifeng middle-level managers' debriefing meeting

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  On July 21, 2021, Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. held the "Debriefing and Assessment Meeting of Middle-level Management in the First Half of 2021". Yan Zonggen, Secretary of the Party Committee of the 263rd Brigade of Jiangxi Provincial Geological Bureau, Liu Yixiong, Chairman of Xinruifeng Company, Zhou Jinlong, General Manager and other senior executives of the company, as well as the regional managers of the domestic sales department, the international sales department, the production workshops, the quality management department, the technology development department, the production department, the market Department and other responsible persons were present at the event.
The middle managers of enterprises play the role of the mainstay and shoulder unparalleled responsibilities. As the saying goes, the stronger the cadre, the stronger the enterprise, its importance is self-evident. The reason why Xinruifeng can thrive and develop steadily is inseparable from the work guidance and overall planning of managers.
A good middle manager has three responsibilities
1. A link between the previous and the next. The link between the previous and the next is not only uploading and issuing, but also implementing the instructions and spirit of the superiors into actions. The boss pays attention to the results, and it is not enough for the middle managers to act as a megaphone. The instructions must be implemented well.
2. Inherit the past and link the future. With the development of society, middle managers should also keep pace with the times in thinking and working methods. Actively summarizing the existing experience and lessons, while leaving valuable management resources for future generations to learn from, is also a necessary process for the personal career growth of an excellent middle-level manager. Also let yourself leave a brilliant record in the history of the company's development.
3. Bearing the point and opening the face. Middle-level managers should be good at communicating and sharing with other departments, leading the way with points, driving the whole with parts, and actively promoting the development of the enterprise. The good development of the enterprise is also an opportunity for the good development of the middle managers.
This debriefing is conducted in the form of a PPT report. In the process of debriefing, all middle-level managers reviewed the completion of the work tasks in the first half of the year, showed the work results (comparison of previous years' data charts), analyzed the current problems and difficulties, and proposed improvement measures and work in the second half of the year. plan.



  After the debriefing, the company executives commented on the problems of the debriefing staff.



  Zhou Jinlong pointed out: The opinions in the debriefing report suggested that the company will sort out and study, the cadre should be in a high position, and the department heads and deputy staff should cooperate with each other. Control risks, prevent risks, strengthen management, and plug loopholes. Carry out work in a market-oriented, problem-oriented, and result-oriented manner. The pressure of market competition will continue to increase, and everyone must be mentally prepared to further save and tap potentials, reduce costs and increase efficiency.



  Liu Yixiong said: Thank you for your hard work. I hope you will strengthen your confidence, be full of enthusiasm and passion in the future, complete or even break through the established goals and achieve greater gains.
Concluding remarks: In the first half of 2021, with the improvement of the global epidemic situation, the world economy will gradually recover, but it will show significant differentiation and imbalance. The recovery of international trade, investment and manufacturing has accelerated. The monetary easing policies of developed countries and the expected shift in the global financial market have brought certain fluctuations to the global financial market. The internal and external economic environment of emerging markets and developing countries has become more fragile, and the crisis of global supply chain shortage has become more and more prominent. . In the future, the epidemic will still directly affect the progress of world economic recovery. The challenges faced by developing countries cannot be ignored. Domestic commodity prices have skyrocketed, and the accompanying pressure on manufacturing raw material costs has increased sharply. In the face of huge challenges such as fierce competition at home and abroad and sharp increase in costs, Xinruifeng insists on practicing hard work, reducing energy consumption through internal management, innovating and opening up markets and other aspects to increase resources and reduce expenditure, improve quality and efficiency, move forward steadily, and stay in 2021. Made a strong stroke.