Xinruifeng donated 500,000 yuan in materials to support post-disaster rehabilitation in Henan

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  Recently, extreme rainstorms have occurred in many places in Henan Province, which has seriously affected agricultural production. Z new data shows that as of July 29, 14.5 million mu of crops in Henan Province have been affected, with 9.4 million mu of disasters and 5.5 million mu of crop failure. Agricultural disaster relief and post-disaster recovery are urgent and arduous tasks. Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. actively responded to the call of China Pesticide Development and Application Association, and decided to donate a total of 10,000 bottles worth 500,000 yuan (a pure natural, pollution-free plant growth regulator with the functions of promoting plant rooting, stress resistance, and yield increase). agent) to help the disaster-stricken areas.