Shao Yongxia, deputy county magistrate, visited Xinruifeng to investigate the work of enterprises

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  On the afternoon of December 28, Deputy County Mayor Shao Yongxia went to Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. to investigate the work of the enterprise, and Li Ximei, Vice Chairman of the County Federation of Trade Unions, accompanied the event.
Deputy county magistrate Shao Yongxia came to Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. Zhou Jinlong, the general manager of the company, introduced the company's development history and operating conditions to the deputy magistrate, and gave a detailed explanation of the work of the trade union: Xinruifeng Trade Union was established in 2017 In May, there are currently 375 members. Since its establishment, the trade union has actively carried out various cultural and sports activities to meet the spiritual needs of employees to the greatest extent. At the same time, the trade union organizes all employees to join the mutual assistance plan, and offers condolences to employees in difficulty in the middle and end of each year. Help, enhance the cohesion of employees, and promote the harmonious and stable development of the company. Shao Yongxia, deputy county magistrate, affirmed the construction of Xinruifeng's trade union, and encouraged Xinruifeng to keep improving and give full play to the positive role of the trade union in the enterprise.