【Growing Technique】The Secret of Victoria Grape

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Victoria grape variety introduction
Vitis vintoria is a Eurasian species originating from Romania. It is a mid-early-ripening grape variety bred from the cross of Crimson and Bolgar. The grape of this variety has good disease resistance, the fruit is resistant to storage and transportation, and the fruiting period is long. The average ear weight is about 630g, the average fruit weight is about 9.5g, and the fruit is oblong. Since 1996, when it was introduced into my country for applicability cultivation, it has been cultivated in a large area in the northern region. In the area of Raoyang, Hebei, Victoria grapes are planted in warm shed, cold shed and open air. The temperature of the warm shed is high, the growth rate of Victoria grapes is fast, and they are listed early, and they will be available in the middle and late May. At present, the local warm shed Victoria grapes are in the period of rapid fruit expansion after blooming, and this is the key period for Victoria grapes to use the fruit expansion package; the cold shed Victoria grapes are in the velvety stage, which is a critical period for vegetative growth.



Victoria grape bulking treatment period
The best treatment time for Victoria grape fruit expansion is 10 to 15 days after flowering, and the grapes are in the size of soybeans. At this time, it is mainly the key period when the grape cells divide, the number of cells increases sharply, and the fruit rapidly expands; this Before the fruit expansion treatment, the fruit thinning and ear trimming treatment should be carried out first to remove the stunted and weak fruit, deformed fruit, small fruit, etc. on the fruit ear. According to the tree vigor and water and fertilizer conditions, Victoria grape varieties should retain 80-120 seeds per ear. about. In addition, there is also a fruit expansion period from the hard core to the time when the fruit becomes soft and colored, which is mainly a critical period for the increase in the volume of grape fruit granules.



Victoria grape fruit swelling medicine
The commonly used bulking drugs for grapes mainly include gibberellic acid, chlorfenuron, thidiazuron and benzylaminopurine. When processing Victoria grapes, Junruiguo from Jiangxi Xinruifeng can be used together with Baohuabao fruit benzyl gibberellic acid and alginic acid. After use, Victoria grapes are oval in shape as a whole, the fruit shape is good, the fruit stems are not hardened, and the commodity value is greatly improved.



Precautions for processing Victoria grapes
Before the fruit expansion treatment of Victoria grapes, it is recommended to carry out a water and fertilizer application to provide enough nutrients for the expansion of the fruit. Before and after the puffing treatment of Victoria grapes, the temperature in the greenhouse during the day was controlled above 25°C and below 35°C, and the temperature at night could be appropriately reduced. In case of high temperature outside the shed, attention should be paid to opening the shed in time for ventilation. During the fruit expansion period, attention should be paid to maintaining the relative humidity in the greenhouse, and irrigation should be carried out in time to keep the relative humidity in the greenhouse at about 60%.
When Victoria grapes are puffed, try to avoid high temperature. It is recommended to complete the drug treatment before ten o'clock in the morning and after four in the afternoon, when the temperature in the greenhouse is lower than 30 ℃. The management of different regions and varieties is slightly different, and it is recommended to carry out management work according to the actual local conditions.