[Planting technology] Mingqian tea promotes early yield increase, Jiangxi Xinruifeng is the first choice!

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Mingqian tea refers to the tea leaves picked before the Qingming Festival. Because of its mellow taste and beautiful shape, the temperature before the Qingming Festival is low and the growth rate of tea buds is slow, so there is a saying that "Mingqian tea is as precious as gold". Mingqian tea has good quality and low output, and the market demand for Mingqian tea is large. The sooner Mingqian tea goes on the market, the higher its price and the better the economic benefits of tea farmers, which also intensifies the demand of tea farmers for increased production of Mingqian tea. In order to increase the output of Mingqian tea, speed up the growth rate of Mingqian tea, and achieve the purpose of early listing, Jiangxi Xinruifeng has summarized the package plan for promoting early production and increasing production of Mingqian tea through years of research and field practice. In March 2022 The demonstration test of Mingqian tea to promote early production and increase production was carried out in Xiushui, Jiangxi Province, and continuous follow-up observation was carried out. The details are as follows:
Experiment and demonstration product: Jiangxi Xinruifeng Mingqian tea package to promote early production and increase production
Use time: March 7, 2022
Observation date: March 17, 2022
Test site: Shankouyuan Village, Xiushui County, Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province
Demonstration variety: Fuyun No. 6
Product used: Lvba + Baohua Baoguo alginic acid
How to use: About half a month before the early buds of Mingqian tea germinate, spray the whole plant (focus on the growth points and foliage of tea leaves)
Observation results: On March 17, 2022, the demonstration test site of the Xinruifeng Mingqian tea package for promoting early production and increasing production was observed. From the effect, the buds using the Xinruifeng package are fuller, the growth rate is faster, and the buds germinate More dense, the number of shoots up to the picking standard is high. In contrast, the conventional foliar fertilizer treatment had smaller shoots, slower growth rate, and the density of shoots was far lower than that of the Xinruifeng package treatment, and the number of shoots that reached the picking standard was less.

Demonstration test effect display




  The average bud length of Xinruifeng Mingqian tea to promote early production and increase production is 3.72cm, the number of buds per square meter is 33.25, and the weight of 100 buds is 8.98. Compared with the blank control, the average bud length increases by 0.36cm, and the weight of 100 buds increases by 1.14 g, the yield per mu increased by 9.65kg; compared with the conventional control, the average shoot length and the number of shoot heads increased, the yield per mu increased by 3.88kg, and the yield increase rate was 29.55%.



 Precautions for the use of Xinruifeng Mingqian tea to promote early production and increase production
1. Plant adjustment can not replace plant nutrition, please combine good water and fertilizer and field management drugs.
2. The way and period of administration of Zhizhi will affect the efficacy of the drug. Please use the correct way to use the drug during the recommended administration period.
3. Due to the influence of many factors such as tea tree varieties, local climatic conditions, growth environment and cultivation and management methods, the effect of Xinruifeng Mingqian tea promoting early yield increase package may be different. The use method and effect of the package are for reference only, and should be adjusted according to the actual local conditions. It is recommended to conduct a small area test first and then gradually expand the use area.