How is gibberellin used in fruit trees? What's the function?

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  Question: How is gibberellin used on fruit trees? What's the function?



Answer: Gibberellin is a broad-spectrum plant growth regulator, a natural endogenous Gibberellic acid (ie gibberellin) is one of the very important hormones that promote plant growth and development. In fruit trees, gibberellic acid is synthesized in germinating seeds, growing buds and leaves, blooming flowers, bearing fruit, and the tree system of fruit trees. Gibberellic acid is produced in the root and transported upward, while the top of the fruit tree is transported downward. The transmission channel is in the phloem of the fruit tree, and the speed is equivalent to the speed of photosynthesis products.
The synthetic gibberellin sprayed on fruit trees is absorbed by branches, leaves, flowers and fruits, and transported to the active parts, which has a variety of physiological effects. ① Break the dormancy of fruit trees and promote the differentiation of germination and flower buds. ②Enhance the photosynthesis of leaves, promote the vegetative growth of fruit trees, promote fruit setting of fruit trees, and improve fruit setting rate. ③ Delay the ripening and senescence of fruit trees and fruits, and enhance the fruit preservation effect. ④Change the proportion of female and male flowers in fruit trees, induce parthenocarpy fruit, regulate flowering, promote fruit growth, and improve fruit setting ability.
When using, gibberellin crystals and powders should be dissolved with alcohol above 60 degrees, and then add enough water according to the concentration used. For gibberellin soluble powder and emulsifiable concentrate, there is no need to use alcohol, just add an appropriate amount of water to use. When gibberellin is used as a fruit-setting agent, it should be used under the conditions of sufficient water and fertilizer. The use of cytokines can improve the pot life and efficacy of gibberellins. Gibberellin is strictly prohibited to be used as a seedless treatment agent on grape quality such as Kyoho to avoid stiff fruit drop.