Xinruifeng to carry out the "dangerous chemicals enterprise special operation safety norms" training

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In order to further strengthen the risk control of special operation process and improve the awareness of special operators on the new standard, Xinruifeng launched the "Safety Code for Special Operation of Hazardous Chemical Enterprises" (GB30871-2022) training on April 20. More than 30 company executives, full-time and part-time safety officers and workshop management personnel participated in the training.

At the meeting, Li Xinquan, manager of the company's safety and environmental protection department, made an in-depth interpretation of the eight special operation specifications, such as hot work, confined space and blind plate plugging, clarified the main responsibility of enterprise safety management, risk identification, control measures and the requirements for step-by-step approval and monitoring of special operation tickets, and explained in detail the matters needing attention in filling in special operation tickets. The participants also focused on watching the feature film "15 measures for safe production.

Thought is the forerunner of action. Xinruifeng always adheres to the safety production management idea of "strong awareness, grasping thinking, and strict management". By regularly organizing employees to conduct safety production training, it continuously improves employees' safety production awareness and safety prevention level, and provides a solid foundation for the company's production and operation, Strong safety support and guarantee.