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According to the Order of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment No.4After the draft of the environmental report of the construction project is formed, the construction unit shall disclose the following information to solicit opinions related to the environmental impact of the construction project.

Internet links to the full text of the draft (I) environmental impact report and the ways and means of consulting the paper report

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Ways and means of accessing paper reports:

Please comeXingan County Salt Chemical Industry CityJiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. "Contact" Nie Bo (15079661993)"Review the paper report

Public Scope of (II) Consultation

Citizens, legal persons and organizations within the scope of the environmental impact assessment of the Project shall be encouraged to participate in the activities of citizens, legal persons and other organizations outside the scope of the environmental impact assessment.

Web link to (III) public comment form


Ways and means of (IV) public input

The public can submit the completed public opinion form to the construction unit through telephone, letter, e-mail and other means to reflect the opinions and suggestions related to the environmental impact of the construction project.

When the public submits comments, please provide effective contact information; encourage real-name submission of comments and provide permanent address. For the relevant personal information submitted by the public, our company promises that it will not be used for purposes other than public participation in environmental impact assessment.

(V) the starting and ending time for public comments.

Since the contents of this public announcement are made public10within working days.

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