Cohesion, Gathering Strength, Building Fortress, Party Building, Joint Promotion-Party Branch of Xinruifeng Technology Center and Second Party Branch of Workshop Held Joint Party Branch Meeting

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In order to further promote the standardization and standardization of the party branch, on April 27, Zhou Jinlong, member of the party committee of the brigade and chairman of the company, presided over a joint meeting of the party branch work contact point-the party branch of Xinruifeng Technology Center and the second party branch of the workshop. Members of the two party branches attended the meeting.

At the meeting, we learned the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's inspection of Jiangxi's important speech and the relevant contents of the brigade party committee on the establishment of a joint meeting system for party branches and contact points for party branch work. The two party branch secretaries respectively reported on the development of party building work in 2022, the existing problems and the work of the branch in 2023, and exchanged and discussed the party building work of the branch and how to better play the role of the grassroots party organization as a fighting fortress.

Zhou Jinlong commented on the work of the two branches and put forward requirements for the next step:One mustDeeply understand the great practical significance of strengthening the grass-roots party building work for the company. All party branches should take this joint meeting as an opportunity to learn from each other's good methods and experiences in the work of each other's party branches, and strive to build a new pattern of party building work of "experience sharing, complementary advantages, mutual promotion, and common improvement.TwoGive full play to the grass-roots party building on the company's current work to lead the demonstration role. Strengthen responsibility and play a political leading role. The party branch must adhere to the same planning, deployment, promotion, and assessment of party building work and business work, and take building a good team, leading a good team, gathering people, and building a good image as an important starting point for fulfilling the "one post and two responsibilities". To play an exemplary role, we must not only do a good job in research and deployment, but also do a good job in organization, coordination and implementation, and coordinate to solve key and difficult problems.ThreeToStrive to be a model party branch. All party branches should thoroughly study, publicize and implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, conscientiously implement the decision-making arrangements and requirements of the party group of the bureau, the party committee of the brigade, and the general party branch of the company, strive for excellence, carry out grass-roots party building work, and play an exemplary role. Each party branch focuses on the center and serves the overall situation, earnestly finds the combination and entry point of party building work and production and operation work, promotes the deep integration of party building and business, enhances the cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party branch, and solidly promotes the high-quality development of the company.