Kang Xiaodong, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Brigade, Attends the Special Research Symposium on Xinruifeng

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 In order to carry out in-depth study and implementation of the theme education of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, pragmatic investigation and research, and solve practical problems. According to the research work plan, XinruifengA symposium on the special topic of investigation and research was held on May 16. Kang Xiaodong, secretary of the party committee of the brigade, Zhou Jinlong, chairman of the company, Chen Pengfei, general manager, and 36 employees of the fermentation workshop attended the forum.

During the discussion, everyone studied and discussed the production bottleneck of the fermentation workshop, and the participants expressed their opinions and spoke enthusiastically., actively offer suggestions, analyze the crux of the problem, and jointly discuss solutions.

Kang Xiaodong said that the forum was pragmatic and efficient, and the suggestions put forward were full of gold, reflecting everyone's concern for the company's operation and development. Through this discussion, the development ideas have been clarified, and the focus and direction of the work have been clarified. Xinruifeng Company should focus on the research situation, formulate improvement measures, clarify the direction of the next work, focus on unblocking points and difficulties, and promote the company's high-quality development.