New Ruifeng Company Launches Anti-corruption Warning Education Before Dragon Boat Festival

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On June 13, 2023, according to the notice requirements of the discipline inspection and supervision department of the brigade, xinruifeng company specially organized more than 20 middle and high-level leading cadres to hold a warning education meeting before the dragon boat festival in the party member activity room. at the meeting, Luo Yong, discipline inspection member of the general party branch of the company, conveyed the discipline inspection department of the brigade about doing a good job in correcting the dragon boat festival.The contents of the "four winds" work prompt document require all party members and cadres of the company to strictly abide by it, and all party branches of the company should do a good job in conveying and publicizing the work. He stressed that all departments should conscientiously follow the requirements of the work tips,Do a good job during the Dragon Boat Festival"Four winds" work to establish new styles and resolutely curb unhealthy trends,The first is to implement the main responsibility and supervision responsibility of grasping the style of work. The second is to strictly rectify the hedonistic, extravagant, stubborn and chronic diseases that are prone to frequent occurrence of nodes. The third is to resolutely rectify formalism and bureaucracy. The fourth is to correct trees and promote the change of customs.

At the meeting, "Dragon Boat Festival Integrity Reminder", "Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Dragon Boat Festival Integrity Education", "Dragon Boat Festival-Clean propaganda "and other three small videos. Through the study of documents and videos, everyone said that they often participate in the anti-corruption warning education carried out by the company, can always alert themselves with cases, and warn us to always use party discipline and national laws to restrain ourselves, consciously abide by the law, do not indulge, do not deviant, correctly treat power, money, fame and wealth, and constantly improve our ability to resist corruption and degeneration, so as to always be honest in practice.