National Day I'm on duty

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National Day should haveIt's a wonderful time for a family reunion.,However, many employees of Xinruifeng Company still stick to their posts and work silently. They are workshop directors, team leaders, technicians, operators, product couriers, duty workers, packers, quality inspectors and logistics support personnel in the production line....... They used their extraordinary persistence in ordinary positions to interpret the affectionate confession of the new Ruifeng people to the great motherland.

There is a move, calledchina redThere is a pride, calledfive-star red flagThere is a confession, calledI love you ChinaThere is a national day, calledI hold on to my post! In thisfestiveof the days,New Ruifeng peoplePractical Action of "Fertility, More Food"ToRepublic73year oldBirthday gift!

The operator on duty at the air compression stationPatrolCheck the running condition of air compressor

Fermentation workshop disinfection workers in the fermentation tank disinfection              The worker on duty at the water supply station is operating the refrigeration equipment.

The worker on duty in the refining workshop is recording the production report.Emulsion packer doing 25 ml cream filling

Luo Guogen, a shipping clerk in the marketing department, is arranging the shipment of the whole product.

Xiong Yaoqiang, a shipping clerk in the marketing department, is loading the products for shipment.