The Party Branch of the Technology Center of Xinruifeng Company Won the Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization of the Bureau

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On June 28, the bureau held the "50 Years of Glory in the Party" commemorative medal awarding ceremony and the "Two Excellence and One First" commendation meeting to warmly celebrate the 102 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. The Party branch of the Technology Center of Xinruifeng Company of our team won the advanced grass-roots party organization of the bureau, and went to the scene to receive the award as the representative of the bureau's "two excellent and one first.

The Party Branch of Xinruifeng Technology Center was awarded the Advanced Party Branch of the Brigade for 8 consecutive years from 2014 to 2021. At present, the departments under its jurisdiction have quality management department, research and development department and technical center office. The branch currently has 9 regular party members, including 4 middle-level cadres and 3 department heads. Most of the branch party members are heads and technical backbones of various departments. They are the backbone of new technology, new product development and quality management of Xinruifeng Company.

In 2022, all party members and masses of the branch will closely focus on the company's high-quality development requirements, and make new breakthroughs in strain selection, process improvement, product development, technological innovation, project declaration, and quality management. The party branch gives full play to its role as a fighting fortress, constantly strengthens the building of party organizations, attaches importance to theoretical study, and constantly improves the political accomplishment of party members. The branch adheres to the system of "three meetings and one lesson" and party lectures and "theme party day" activities. We will earnestly strengthen the daily supervision and management of party members and cadres, strive to improve the combat effectiveness of the branch, and closely integrate party building with company production. Party members of the branch actively played a vanguard and exemplary role, worked hard in their daily work, overcome difficulties, successfully completed various tasks, and achieved no quality complaints throughout the year in terms of quality management.

In 2022, the company's "Ruifeng brand" gibberellic acid won the national market quality credit AA user satisfaction grade products, "Guoqi" won the 2022 farmers in the minds of good products. Quality, safety, environmental protection, measurement and other management systems run normally and successfully passed the supervision and audit of the third party. We have developed a number of new products and technologies to meet the requirements of foreign customers and fill the market gap. Apply for 6 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, 2 authorized invention patents and 7 utility model patents. Successfully declared and approved 3 projects of Ji'an Science and Technology Bureau, 1 project of Geological Bureau, "Double Thousand Plan" of Jiangxi Province, "Double Hundred Plan" of Ji'an City, "Specialized and Special New Little Giant", etc. Won the honorary title of provincial demonstration enterprise of integration of two technologies, Jiangxi Province specialized and special new small and medium-sized enterprises, and won the excellent project award of Ji'an small and medium-sized enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship competition.

The Party branch will take this honor as the driving force, constantly strengthen the party building work, continue to build new achievements and show elegant demeanor in the work practice of striving for excellence in an all-round way, and promote the high-quality development of the company.