Two people from Xinruifeng Company of the 9th Brigade were awarded the Young Talents of Jiangxi Province Ganpo Juncai Support Plan in 2023

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Recently, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Science and Technology announced the list of candidates for the training of academic and technical leaders in the major disciplines of the Ganpo Juncai Support Program in 2023. A total of 30 young talents (technical) were selected in the province. Two researchers from Xinruifeng Company, Lei Wen and Xiao Jiang, won the honorary title of "Young Talents (technical) of the Ganpo Juncai Support Program.

It is reported that Ganpo Juncai supports the training project of academic and technical leaders in the main disciplines of the plan. Through the cultivation of strong business ability, adhere to the scientific spirit, and have the courage to pioneer and innovate, they have emerged in their industries or fields and have a certain influence, and have greater innovation and development. Potential young scientific and technological talents provide important support for the strategy of strengthening the province with talents.

Xinruifeng Company has always attached great importance to the training of scientific research personnel, and has established a platform for the home of scientific and technological workers. In the future, Xinruifeng will continue to co-ordinate all kinds of resources, create a good environment for cultivating, attracting, using and retaining talents, and also accumulate strong impetus for promoting the high-quality development of Xinruifeng.