Stick to the National Day and sing the song of hard work and progress.

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Autumn in October, sweet osmanthus fragrance. During the 11th National Day, red flags fluttered everywhere in Xinruifeng Company. Against the bright five-star red flag, the employees' faces were filled with the joy of patriotism and harvest, and the production became busier and hotter. Refining workshop staff stick to their posts, sing the song of hard work, and strive for excellent performance.

Equipment guarantee non-stop

10Month1In the early morning of the 1st, a clear and crisp telephone ringing woke Xu Tianfa, the maintenance monitor of the refining workshop who was sleeping. A rapid voice came from the other end of the phone: "Xu monitor, the big line2The membrane of nanofilter No. 1 burst and needs to be replaced. The purchased membrane has not arrived yet, so it is necessary to replace the infrequently used membrane first.3The film of machine no. 1 was removed for replacement. today's holiday was canceled ". Monitor Xu firmly replied, "OK, I'll be at the company right away". After coming to the company, Xu monitor immediately called other maintenance personnel to divide them into two groups, one group split2Membrane of nanofilter No. 1, another group removed3The membrane of the nanofilter was finally replaced and handled on site. At the same time,2The nanofilter was also turned on smoothly without delaying the running of materials in the workshop. All the maintenance personnel were sweating, and their clothes were covered with smelly liquid, but they were all full of smiles, and they felt happy for sticking to their posts, working hard, protecting equipment, and promoting production.

Hot production without stop

This year, the company's demand for refined powder is increasing. Coupled with the delay during the outbreak, as well as this year made powder pass rate slightly lower, some need to be reworked in time, which caused the finishing section load is larger. However, no matter how difficult it is, it cannot stop the workers' determination to solve the problem. They stick to their posts, catch up with the progress, and vow to take back the progress they have pulled down.

Production guarantee supply does not stop

"Production has not moved, grain and grass first", during the National Day, the guarantee of raw materials in the workshop is the top priority. Wu Jie, the workshop manager, was very busy, following the warehouse staff, counting the raw materials, counting the remaining raw materials in the workshop and the required raw materials. Director Liu of the workshop took the shift to inspect each section to understand the operation and material running situation of each section. The workshop is busy everywhere, which has become a beautiful landscape.

Only when you have faith can you stick to it. Because of love, I work harder. The workshop staff who stick to their posts, sing the song of hard work and forge ahead with the attitude of strivers, leaving a strong mark for the development of the workshop and the bright future of Xinruifeng Company!