New Ruifeng Company Launching the Third Training of Lean Production, Safety and 5S Management Promotion

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In order to consolidate the results of the lean production, safety and 5S management promotion activities carried out by the company in the previous stage, from August 10 to 12, xinruifeng company once again invited Shanghai agrochemical enterprise management experts to conduct the third phase of relevant knowledge training for nearly 80 managers and key employees above the team leader.

Before this training, teachers first went to the production site to improve the management of the previous arrangement.The implementation of rectification in the project and the implementation of the saving project were checked, and the relevant workshop departments were convened for centralized guidance on the existing problems. The following training course started with the safety sharing of the monitor in the power workshop, watched the safety warning education film, and then the teacher gave the lecture.focused on telling"Six Indicators and Five Points of Team Building", "Seven-Step Work Points of Morning Meeting", "Refinement of Key Parameters in SOP", "Post Shift System", "Enterprise Execution", "Feed, Process, Finished Product Quality Management" and other contents.

In the class, the teacher conducted one-on-one on-site training and patient guidance on how to set standards for the pre-shift meeting of each workshop team. The participants were divided into 7 groups under the seemingly simple topic of "Dishwashing Process". Each group discussed and completed the homework as required, wrote the expanded relevant safety operation procedures on the homework paper and took turns to tell on the stage. The teacher made wonderful comments on the homework of each group, and to mobilize the group leaders to evaluate each other, which is very enlightening and practical for the participants. Everyone is very active in participating in it. The classroom atmosphere is very warm. I feel that this training is still full of dry goods and has gained a lot. I want to apply it to production work as soon as possible.

The teacher also organized the senior leaders of Xinruifeng to analyze the current situation of the company's safety and operation, evaluate the development of Xinruifeng enterprise itself, and analyze the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges of Xinruifeng. A symposium was held to reach a consensus among management and to identify action items for 3-6 months.

Since the launch of lean production management promotion activities in June, we have insisted on holding special training on management promotion knowledge every month. Xinruifeng Company has made great continuous improvement in production, safety and 5S management level.



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