Carry forward the spirit of hard struggle Xinruifeng company to carry out cable laying voluntary labor

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Just after going to work on the morning of August 17, the company leaders led more than 20 comrades from the administrative office building to the air compressor station of the power workshop to help the engineering equipment department and the workshop lay the power cable connecting the 110 kV substation in the factory to the newly added No. 6 air compressor equipment of the air compressor station.

The volunteer workers were divided into two groups: outdoor and indoor. Under the unified command of Mao Guohua, manager of the engineering equipment department, the cables were laid into the cable trench. Braving the hot weather, everyone worked together and cooperated with each other. Some of them unwound the cable reel, some shouted together to pull the cable hard, some were responsible for sending the cable to the cable trench, and some stood in the cable trench to lay the cable. Everyone was sweating like a pig and his clothes were wet. It's really a lot of people and great strength. After everyoneAfter more than one hour of labor, the 10 kV high-voltage armored cable with a total length of 240 meters and the 120-meter control cable were finally laid in place. Actively participate in the voluntary labor organized by the company, showing the fine traditional style of Xinruifeng employees who work hard, take on hard work, and are willing to contribute.

Collection of site photos of cable laying voluntary labor