Xinruifeng Company Participate in the Staff Chess Competition of the Ninth Geological Brigade

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In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of the majority of employees and promote Chinese chess culture, on the morning of August 28, 2023, the trade union of Jiangxi Xinruifeng Biochemical Co., Ltd. was invited by the trade union of the Ninth Geological Brigade of Jiangxi Geological Bureau to form a team to participate in the geological inscription. The theme chess competition of "Concentrate on the Party, unite and forge ahead to build new achievements. The trade union of Xinruifeng Company attaches great importance to it and strongly supports it. Song Zhiyuan, chairman of the trade union, personally sent four players to the brigade to participate in the competition. A total of more than 20 chess enthusiasts participated in the chess competition.

With the referee's order, the chess game officially began. The competition adopts the elimination system, and the top 4 winners will be finally determined. The atmosphere at the scene of the game was tense, and the players gathered their energy, calmly and calmly, and seriously thought about the way of each move. On the chessboard, soldiers come and go, cannon flying horses jump, you chase me, just a few moves, attack and defense translocation. The wonderful game attracted many employees who stopped to watch, and the splendid chess wars were staged one after another in this square inch.

After fierce competition, Comrade Ye Xiaobin, an employee of Xinruifeng Company, won the championship in one fell swoop in the last match with Comrade Hu Xiaoping, an employee of the Geological Survey Company. At this point, the chess competition was successfully concluded, in which Hu Xiaoping, an employee of the geological survey and exploration company, won the second place, Cao Bin, an employee of the new stem base, and Yuan Genghong, an employee of the geological survey and exploration company, won the third and fourth places respectively. After the competition, the trade union leaders presented awards to the winners and took a group photo.

Through this chess competition, with chess friends, friendship, style and wonderful competition, it fully demonstrated the tenacious fighting spirit and good spirit of Xinruifeng employees.