Concentrate and gather strength to stir up youth

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In order to enrich employees' amateur cultural life and relieve work pressure, enhance communication among colleagues and improve team vitality, on August 27, the trade union and the League branch of our company jointly held a "weekend one-day tour" for young employees.

In the afternoon, nearly 30 young employees took the company bus to the scenic Haimuyuan 3A scenic spot in xingan county to take part in rafting activities. Looking around, the scenic area is lush with trees and the air seems to be sweet. It is really a natural oxygen bar. Everyone takes a boat and goes down the bamboo forest stream. The drop is thrilling, the penetration is exciting, and there are more beautiful scenery and cool summer. The mountain torrent and bamboo shadow interlaced, laughter and laughter drifted with the boat, everyone or splashed water to play, or paddled through the waves, or watched the scenery along the way, full of vigor and vitality in the mountains.

When they returned in the evening, the young employees had a dinner at the Goodall International Hotel. The environment was elegant and the dishes were rich. Three to five friends sat together to taste the delicious food on the plate and spend a good time together. After dinner, we arranged for everyone to watch the comedy movie "Learning Dad" together in Galaxy International Studios. The atmosphere was lively and joyful, and the day's trip ended in a relaxed atmosphere.

This activity has enhanced the friendship of colleagues, stimulated the vitality of employees, improved the enthusiasm of work, and condensed the team spirit. It is of great significance to promote the physical and mental development of employees and promote the company culture.