Xinruifeng study and implement the new "Jiangxi Province Safety Production Regulations"

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On the afternoon of September 5, Xinruifeng Company held a meeting to study and implement the newly revised "Jiangxi Province Safety Production Regulations". Nearly 60 safety committee members, full-time safety officers, workshop (department) team leaders and part-time safety officers participated.

At the meeting, Chen Pengfei, general manager of the company, first conveyed and publicized the learning spirit of the video training course for the main responsible persons of chemical (hazardous chemicals) enterprises across the country to implement the main responsibility of production safety. He stressed that safety management must be firmly establishedWith the safety concept of safety first, people first and life first, every employee of the company should be aware of awe, responsibility, risk control and ability in action. Next, he pointed out that this study was new.The importance of the Jiangxi Province Safety Production Regulations.

Subsequently, the company's safety director Chen Xiaoming conveyed the brigade's publicity and implementation work plan for the new "Jiangxi Province Safety Production Regulations", focusing on the publicity and interpretation of the new "Jiangxi Province Safety Production Regulations.