Lean Promotion in Action Ruifeng's Face Changed-Trade Union Helps 5S, Labor Competition Promotes Results

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In order to encourage employees to actively participate in the 5S rectification activities of the company's lean production promotion, the trade union of Xinruifeng Company launched a two-month (July and August) labor competition. With departments as the competition units, the competition judges divided the whole company into three major areas: production workshop, technology center and administrative office for scoring and evaluation according to the actual situation, difficulty level and rectification project differences of each workshop department.

In the scorching summer, all the employees of the company worked tirelessly and sweated like rain. They carried out on-site rectification in strict accordance with the 5S rectification requirements, pasted reflective tapes, installed anti-collision strips, brushed positioning paint and warning stripes, pasted fixed asset signs, sorted out and rectified tools and sundries, placed all articles in position, and cleaned and cleaned the responsible area for hygiene. "If you don't sweep a room, how can you sweep the world?" Xinruifeng people put into this labor competition activity with a subtle work attitude, meticulous professionalism, and pragmatic and willing professionalism. After two months of intense and orderly labor competition activities, the overall look of the company has taken on a new look. At the same time, the overall quality of employees has been further improved, and the on-site management has been greatly improved.

After the activity, after the on-site inspection and scoring of each workshop and department by each panel of judges, the fermentation workshop, quality control department and tooling department won the first place in each region respectively. the company's trade union held a labor competition award ceremony to commend the winning workshop and department.

In the future work, Xinruifeng people will persevere and continuously improve to contribute to the high-quality development of Xinruifeng Company!